Whether you鈥檙e a writer or a die-hard word art lover, we鈥檙e willing to bet you know at least a thing or two about fonts. For example, you probably know why you should avoid Comic Sans on a resume and you might have carefully thought out all the ways you can incorporate cool typography into your wedding. But we鈥檙e willing to bet that you don鈥檛 know your fonts nearly as well as this adorable toddler.

Scarlett is three. And Scarlett knows all the fonts by heart, telling them apart just by looking at a few short words. Take a look:

Like鈥 WHAT? How can a child even do that?! Well it turns out that children are whizzes at learning languages, and typography is kind of like a visual language, with each font defined by a distinct vocabulary. Line thickness, spacing and accents are cues to Scarlett鈥檚 little brain, cluing her into which font is Helvetica or Lovato.

Who knows what the world will have in store for Scarlett鈥檚 font-determining abilities. We hope she goes on to a career of enviable wall art and word-focused design. 鈥楾il then, we wouldn鈥檛 want to be the toddler trying to go head-to-head with her on ABC knowledge on the playground鈥

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