When the temperatures are sky high, we tend to pass on heavy lipsticks in favor of lighter glosses and lip stains, and here at Brit + Co, we always love a good beauty DIY. Lip stains are the perfect DIY, because they usually only contain a couple of ingredients, and the colors can be completely customizable. Check out these 11 super easy lip stains, then start dreaming up your perfect lip color!

1. Shimmery Lip Gloss: For a super easy tinted gloss, just use Vaseline and a shimmery — preferably all-natural — blush powder. (via Free People)

2. Crayon Lipstick: Don’t freak out. Crayons are made mostly of paraffin (found in most lipsticks or lip balms) and non-toxic, food-grade pigments, making them perfect for mixing up a fun new lip color. (via Mom Dot)

3. Mini Lip Stains: Just by using some pretty simple ingredients, like organic beeswax, sweet almond oil, powdered pink blush for color and deep purple lipstick, you can make these adorable little lip stains and give them away as gifts! (via Joy The Baker)

4. Mint Coconut Lip Balm: Combine essential oils and coconut milk with leftover lipstick for a lip balm that smells like a tropical vacation and is super nourishing.(via Go Make Me)

5. Blackberry Tinted Lip Stain: Make this summery blackberry-tinted lip balm from a couple of fresh (or frozen) blackberries and a bit of lip balm for a super easy DIY. (via With Lovely)

6. Berry Lip Stain: Berries can be used to make a simple and effective lip stain that’s completely natural and tastes incredible! The olive oil in this recipe hydrates your lips, while the berries give them a pink/purple color. (via Free People)

7. Pretty Pink Balm: The great thing about beeswax is that it has natural sun protection qualities! (via Delia Creates)

8. Shailene Woodley’s DIY Lip Stain: We know that Shailene is the queen of natural living, and here she offers a berry and cherry recipe she uses to get a perfect pout. And it’s clearly fit for a Queen ;) (via Queen Latifah)

9. Vampy Red: Get a dramatic look with beetroot! It won’t go on as dark as what’s in the bottle, but it is incredibly moisturizing and a pretty complement to your summer tan. (via Gingerly Made)

10. DIY Lip And Cheek Stain: You make this lip stain as vibrant or subtle as you want depending on how much you apply and how well you rub it in. (via Treasure And Travels)

11. Cinnamon Lip Gloss: The cinnamon in this lip gloss acts as a natural lip plumper, and since it’s colored with a chunk of your favorite lipstick, you’re sure to get a color you like. (via Henry Happened)

Have you ever tried making your own lip gloss? Let us know in the comments below!