The 9 Cutest Dog Costumes We Spotted at the San Francisco Dog Show
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The 9 Cutest Dog Costumes We Spotted at the San Francisco Dog Show

Over the weekend, thousands of San Francisco’s cutest dogs gathered for the Golden Gate Kennel Club’s Dog Show. Sure, there were a lot of focused judges, some very serious dog owners (those guys don’t mess around) and pups getting glamourous blowouts left and right – basically that mockumentary Best In Show is super on point about this subculture. But we were there for one thing and one thing only: the dog fashion show. Because really, is there anything better to do on a Satuday afternoon than check out a bunch of creative dog costumes? Scroll on down to check some of the best looks we spotted.

1. Baba Louie: Is Baba Louie an English bulldog or a flying monkey straight out of the Wizard of Oz? Your guess is as good as ours.

2. Finley: We’re not exactly sure if this hairless mini standard’s bridal inspired outfit is the stuff of costume dreams or nightmares. Either way, we wish the newlyweds all the best.

3 + 4. Melody and Vixen: Giving you some group costume inspo, Australian cattle dogs Melody and Vixen teamed up to create a ranch inspired look that’s just as cute as it is true to their name.

5. Emma:  This Gone With the Wind inspired look was definitely more glamourous for this labrador’s owner and we’re pretty sure she’s feeling a little bummed about being staged up.

6. Wrangler: Channeling his favorite celebrity dog, Wrangler the Anatolian Shepherd opted for a look inspired by Charlie Brown’s iconic pup Snoopy.

7. Maxie: Was this English bull-mastiff is dressed up as we’re not entirely sure. What we do know is that she looks fabulous.

8. Twinkie: This adorable border collie’s outfit wasn’t super surprising considering her name is Twinkie. But hey, any costume that comes complete with portable treats is cool with us.

9. Nico: Clearly, Nico the Anatolian shepherd knows it’s important to rest up before you spend the afternoon fooling people into thinking you’re a lion.

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Additional Reporting by Beth Wischnia