The latest Instagram trend has us kicking up our heels in excitement. Why? Because it involves two of our favorite things: cool floors AND nice shoes. Of course, as with the recent #shelfie trend, there is an art to creating a standout post. In a perfect floorgram, the shoes break up what would otherwise be a pretty basic shot. For both fashionistas and avid decorators, it’s a great way to show off your favorite new kicks and capture a beautiful floor design that inspires you. While it may have all started with one hashtag (#ihavethisthingwithfloors), we are definitely digging the way this foot selfie is taking over our feeds. See below for the best of the best with some obsession-worthy shoes and floors to inspire your next (or first!) floorgram.

1. Bold + Bright: Landscaping like this is just asking for a floorgram. The hint of two colorful patterned skirts completes the oh-so-fun look. On the right, animal-print flats, a woven rug and a Cricut craft make for one terrific triple threat. (via @designlovefest)

2. Pops of Pink: Pops of color can make an otherwise monochrome floorgram really stand out. Here, bright pink pants and flowers on the edges of the photos really draw the eye to the fun hue. We are also lovin’ those white Birkenstocks and the inspiring calligraphy quote. (via @kayleensandra)

3. Strappy Shoes + Gorg Tiles: Strappy heels and intricate tile create the perfect mix of boho style. Show off your summer sandals next time there’s a colorful floor right at your feet. (via @ihavethisthingwithfloors)

4. Beyond Just Tiles: This fad isn’t limited to tile and hardwood floors: Beautiful woven rugs or a breathtaking icy lake are just as amazing. (via @designlovefest / @anniedsouz)

5. Send a Message: Cool yellow shoes and a playful message — that’s all it takes for a refreshing snap that will stand out on any Instagram feed. (via @punkpostco / @ihavethisthingwithfloors)

6. Mosaics + Marble: Mosaic floors are prime real estate when it comes to floorgrams. Check out #myloveforfloors on Insta for more goodness. Also, keep in mind that checkered B+W marble tile will always be deserving of a quick snap. (via @pippavosper / @dccitygirl)

7. Old-School Carpet: Like all things hipster, retro patterns and funky hues make for some pretty amazing shots. Or, maybe it all comes back to Portland and the phenomenon surrounding its highly coveted (and loved) carpet. (via @kylemcmills / @anissa020512)

8. Geometric-Inspired: Geometric shapes and pointy-toe heels? Yes, please. And when admiring endless tiles of floor samples like on the right, a quick snap like this is basically required. (via @ihavethisthingwithfloors / @tessbmeyer)

9. Odd Angles + Unique Prints: When it comes to foot placement, don’t be afraid to get a little asymmetrical with it. And while some floors do all the talking (we’re looking at you, pretty pink flamingoes!), coordinating shoes don’t hurt either. (via @ihavethisthingwithfloors)

10. Mediterranean Patterns: After one look at the dreamy flooring and strappy sandals on the left, you’ll instantly be transported to a Mediterranean villa on the sea with whitewashed walls and open, airy spaces. And with tiles this gorgeous, chic neutral lace-ups (like in this predominantly pink pic) will do just fine to complement the floor. (via @ihavethisthingwithfloors)

11. Black + White: An adorable pooch makes an ideal accent to break up a geometric floor. Throw in an ultra-chic black purse and you’ve got an edgy black and white look. (via @juneletters / @ihavethisthingwithfloors)

(Feature image via @noorofmyeyes)

Are you on board with the new floorgram trend? Post some and be sure to tag us via Instagram!