One quick glance at that green mermaid and you immediately know who it belongs to. But it seems like folks are getting tired of having a sea creature keep their cup of coffee warm. Thanks to a new trend happening on Instagram and Tumblr, Mrs. Starbucks being transformed into Queen Elsa, Super Mario, Harry Potter and a whole lot of other adorable characters.

The trend seems to have been spearheaded by the Instagram account @sleevebucks, but it didn’t take long until others chimed in with their own creations. Some have even taken to drawing on the lids as well. The Instagram account, which was created back in November, has already racked up 10,000 followers with a complementary Tumblr that’s also been gaining popularity.

Aside from making your cup of joe a little more interesting, we’re totally loving the idea of taking an everyday object and getting creative with it. What’s next, McDonalds napkins? Dunkin Donuts cups? Only time will tell.

Grab a Starbucks sleeve to create your own and show us what you create over on Twitter! We’d love to see.

(images via @sleevebucks, @shahin_ourain, @schumadd, h/t Buzzfeed)