We all know the feeling 鈥 that unexpected hankering for something savory or sweet followed by an inability to focus until we get our fix. We at Brit HQ can relate; chances are you鈥檒l find many of us hovering around the snack shelf around 3:00 PM every day.聽When snack attack strikes, sometimes you just have to reach for the treat that will truly satisfy your cravings. Read on for a roundup of our favorite indulgent fixes, all from the B+C Shop.


1.聽Potato Chip Chocolate Bars 鈥 Set of 3 ($15): We鈥檝e been crazy about this food pairing for ages, so we鈥檙e pretty stoked it now comes in chocolate bar form.


2.聽Drunk Marshmallows ($8): Yeah, you read that right. Who can resist boozy marshmallows? We suggest you double up and grab some聽Guinness Marshmallows聽while you鈥檙e at it, too.


3.聽Macaron Variety Set ($30): Just looking at these beauties makes our mouths water.


4.聽Crumble Mumble Toffee ($12): This toffee-nut combo is sure to satisfy your sweet tooth.


5.聽Firecracker Bar 鈥 Set of 3 ($15): Chocolate, chipotle and鈥. popping candy?! This chocolate bar is like Pop Rocks鈥檚 mature, gourmet, delicious older brother.


6.聽Artisan S鈥橫ores Kit ($19): We鈥檙e all about bringing the s鈥檓ores indoors. Pop this trio in the toaster oven for a way tasty afternoon treat.


7.聽Beer & Pretzel Boxed Caramels ($9): A little salty, a little sweet, a lot delicious.


8.聽Homemade Ginger Snaps ($15): What鈥檚 more nostalgic than a homemade ginger snap? Pair these delightful cookies with a glass of milk for a satisfying snack.


9.聽Red Velvet Cake Pops 鈥 Set of 6 ($30): Just the right amount of decadent red velvet cake聽to quench our cravings.


10.聽Rosemary Beer Bread Kit ($8): Impress at office snacktime with this homemade rosemary beer bread, brought to you by the food geniuses at Soberdough.


11.聽Salted P-Nutty Caramels ($5): This author can personally vouch for the deliciousness of Kika鈥檚 Treats. They鈥檙e little bites of p-nutty heaven.


12.聽Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Boxed Caramels ($8): Don鈥檛 even try to resist these chocolate-covered caramels. You deserve this.

13.聽Rye Whiskey Caramel Sauce ($23): Picture this 鈥 french vanilla ice cream drenched in rye whiskey caramel sauce, topped off with chopped nuts. NOM.


14.聽Burrata + Moscarpone Kit ($25): For all you fancy foodies out there 鈥 elevate your snack game with this mascarpone and burrata kit. (Pssst 鈥 you can learn how to make burrata with the help of our tutorial, too!)


15.聽Bacon Six Ways ($59): When in doubt, the answer is probably bacon. This kit will ensure you can incorporate it into every meal, *especially* snack time.

What indulgent treat do you reach for when the snack attacks come on? Share with us in the comments below!