As October 31st gets closer and closer, we’ve got costumes on the brain. If you’ve been toiling over your costume for the year, wondering if you should be a minion or a strawberry, we’ve got you covered. For now, take a break from all things Halloween and check out all the weird, hilarious and genius finds from the Internet this week.

1. Marnie the Dog Recreates ‘90s Cartoon Characters: Whether you spent school day afternoons watching Doug or Family Guy, Marnie will not let you down. With her stray tongue and confused expression, she nails her photoshoot dressed as so many of our favorite cartoons. Work it Marnie, work it.

2. A “Serious” Ad for Activewear: Take a minute and look at yourself. Are you wearing workout clothes? We hope so, because the lesson of this video is that you should probably be watching YouTube videos if you are. Or showing off your baby. The key is: no exercise.


3. Marble Gold Apple Watch Band ($70): If you keep peeking at your wrist to check the time only to find a watchless arm, set your sights on this gorgeous watch band from Monika Strigel. You’ll need to get an Apple watch to go along with it, but it will really up your style game if you do. And it’s high time, don’t you think?


4. George Costanza’s Sleeper Desk: You read that right. Seinfeld fans, it’s the day you’ve been waiting for! Ever since George strategically (and geniusly) napped under his desk, you’ve been sketching out blueprints for the perfect sleeper desk. Well, sketch no more — NL Studio has successfully made your dreams come true.


5. Pickles and Bella: Ever since Milo and Otis wooed the world as dog-cat besties, we’ve been obsessed with the idea that felines and canines should hold hands. Pickles and Bella don’t disappoint. Attached at the hip (figuratively, though Pickles is a siamese), these two exude cuteness. Like rainbows and unicorns cuteness. Don’t stop at this photo — follow their Instagram account for a daily dose of kitty-puppy love.


6. Weeknight Shindig Must-Haves: Cuz Saturday ain’t soon enough. Also, why not celebrate the middle of the week?

7. The CocoJet 3D *Chocolate* Printer: We knew 3D printing was going to get cray, but we didn’t know it was going to turn our favorite food into incredible designs! We’re pretty happy about it (secretly silently screaming like we just got to meet Beyoncé IRL).


8. Intro to Modern Quilting Class ($20): If the word “quilting” makes you think of your grandma, CHANGE YOUR MINDSET! Quilting is badass. You should learn to do it. And to get you started with the basics, we’ve got an online class taught by quilting extraordinaire Libs Elliot. She’ll virtually hold your hand as you build your very own work of art.


9. Tiny Pic a Day: We all know that small things are cuter, and that idea wasn’t lost on Russian artist Alina Panshina, the master of tiny drawings. Creating one tiny image a day, she has hundreds lining the walls of her Instagram account. We literally had a hard time finding the bottom of her feed! Follow her now and start receiving a tiny joyful moment each day.


10. A Universal New Yorker Caption: According to The Atlantic, after years of believing there were only two captions that worked with *every* New Yorker cartoon, there is yet another. Disgustingly screaming 2015, the new universal caption is “I’d like to add you to my professional network on LinkedIn.” It totally works.


11. Hippie Oversized Sunglasses ($11): Because John Lennon made circular glasses cool for life. Also, check out that colorful fade.


(Photo via Steve Jennings/Getty)

12. Snoop Dogg Launches a Business: On trend with other celebs launching businesses, Snoop Dogg is going into the exact industry you thought he would: the marijuana biz. Merry Jane will serve as your encyclopedia for all things dope. Dope, like, weed dope.

And that’s a wrap! Until next week, folks. Enjoy your weekend.