Chances are you have no idea what song was bumpin’ at the top of the charts the day you were born. It’s also highly likely that you’ve never even pondered this quandary, but now that you’ve thought about it, you want to know. To save you from scouring the Internet, there’s a website to give you lyrical facts fast, and it goes by the name of Playback.


Input your birthday and click “Find #1 Song.” The song from the very day you were born will appear as an embedded YouTube link so you can listen to it. Here at Brit HQ, after we finished listening to everyone’s birthday jams in the office, we started to click around to other dates, found some awesome throwbacks and even fell in love with some new-to-us jams. We can totally see this being fun for a girls’ night in, parties and brunches. It goes all the way back to 1946, so consider it an activity for your next family get together. See what the song for your birthdate is by clicking here!


What’s your birthday jam? Share with us in the comments!