The new year is a time for self-reflection, evaluation, and reinvention — and you’re gonna need coffee for that. Though Starbucks’ pepperminty, eggnog-accented, and gingerbread-flavored holiday drinks will be a distant memory, the coffee chain is bringing back three popular beverages to begin the new year on a decidedly chocolatey note. Starting December 26, Starbucks stores nationwide will serve the Black and White Mocha Collection, sure to pique the palates of mocha lovers and coffee novices alike.

If you like your beverages cozy and caffeinated, order the Black and White Mocha ($5). The warm, rich mixture of espresso, steamed milk, and white and dark chocolate mocha sauces is topped with whipped cream and chocolate “sequins” in the shape of a black tie. Want something chillier? The Black and White Frappuccino ($5) sports the same toppings but is instead a cool, blended combination of coffee, milk, ice, and mocha sauces. Finally, if one of your New Year’s resolutions is to cut back on caffeine, you can still get your Black and White fix with a cup of hot cocoa ($4), upgraded with dark and white chocolate mocha sauces, whipped cream, and chocolate sequins.

Starbucks is brewing the Black and White Collection for a limited time until supplies last. We’re still awaiting our first sips, but we suspect the grayscale drinks will taste anything but monochrome.

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(Photo via Starbucks)