If you a) love coffee or b) revel in all of the sweet treats that come along with Valentine’s Day, boy, are you in for a great week! The creative geniuses over at Starbucks have given us an early Valentine in the form of a brand new drink that celebrates all things love, and while it’s not exactly pink, it IS full of chocolatey goodness.

The new Chocolate Cherry Mocha is pretty much exactly what it sounds like — a delectable blend of chocolate mocha syrup and a sweet red cherry sauce, plus steamed milk and espresso. It’s finished off with a mound of whipped cream and candy-like red and chocolate sugar bits for a ‘Gram-worthy touch.

We got a jump on the soon-to-be trending beverage, and we definitely have a few *thoughts.* For starters, those candy sprinkles add a whole other element to the drink with an almost cinnamon-like spice flavor that you might expect from your classic old-school cinnamon hearts.

Once you make it past the first layer of whipped cream, however, the drink’s profile is a super sweet one — we ordered ours with half the flavor and still got a sugar buzz. Still, it’s also highly drinkable, with the cherry and mocha notes coming together on the tongue in the most perfect and balanced of ways.

Though we imagine a piping-hot coffee is the coziest rendition of this drink, you can also try it over ice (as we did) or blended, Frappuccino-style. You don’t have to choose just one, either, since you’ll have a whole week to experiment: You can snag this oh-so-romantic brew from February 7 through February 14.

Happy sipping!

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(Photos via Starbucks)