Over the last few months, we’ve come to realize that Starbucks’ menu just might hold more secrets than Regina George’s hair. First came the pink drink. Then the purple drink. And then we were told that, all in all, there are over 170,000+ “secret” beverages you can order from the coffee retailer. But, y’all. Today we’re coming at you with yet another Starbucks hack. However, this time, it has less to do with the drink and more to do with the actual cup.

Thanks to UK news site Metro, we’ve recently discovered that we’ve been using our cups wrong all this time. You know that moment when you get an iced coffee, set it down on your desk and then have to deal with the puddle of condensation? It’s the worst. Okay, maybe not the WORST, but it’s annoying, right? Anyway, there’s a fix, and it’s been staring us in the face all this time.


You guys, you just have take the cap off and use it as a coaster! Like, WHAT?! Turns out the base of Starbucks cups fits perfectly into the center ring of the lid. Wow. This is a total game changer, y’all. You and your fancy wooden coffee tables can thank us later.

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(Photo via Imgur)