The price of milk has long been the standard by which we think about costs and spending here in America. Turns out, it’s still a top concern for Alaskans, but not many other states. How do we know? Well, Fixr did some very clever, but very simple research with Google’s autocomplete search feature, using the phrase, “how much does a * cost in [state].” Check out the results in the infographic below.

Whoa. Guess that’s why they say nothing is ever really gone on the Internet, huh? There are plenty of controversial topics being Googled around the country, from marijuana (Colorado and New York) to prostitutes (Nevada is the home of Sin City, so sure, but Connecticut?!). Suspicions are aroused in Ohio as a lot of people are looking to hire a private investigator, while DNA tests are a hot topic in Tennessee and Mississippi.

It looks like a lot of us are obsessed with appearances as well, with breast enhancements, Botox, lipo and facelifts spanning searches from California to Virginia. America, we think you’re beautiful just the way you are!

Okay, so it’s not all vice. Public transportation is a popular question in places like Massachusetts, Minnesota and Georgia (you guys need OpenStreetCab), while there are a lot of international jetsetters looking for the price of a passport in Washington and New Hampshire. Texans are wondering about the cost of hiring a nanny, folks are getting married in Kansas and Kentucky is looking to adopt. And there are a heck of a lot of West Virginians wanting to drill a well. Who knew?

For more specific city searches, as well as an explanation behind their method, be sure to visit Fixr.

Go on, admit it — have you been Googling any of these costs? We want to hear your obsessions in the comments!