Thursday鈥檚 Grey鈥檚 Anatomy and Station 19 crossover episode brought us everything we鈥檇 been hoping for: heart-pumping action, high-stakes drama, and an introduction to one of our favorite new leading ladies, Jaina Lee Ortiz.

Ortiz plays firefighter Andy Herrera, who was thrown right into the flames on last night鈥檚 ep. After helping to save two brothers from a blaze, Andy had to keep her hand on 10-year-old Zac鈥欌檚 abdominal aorta as he was rushed to the hospital and taken into the OR. If she moved her hand even slightly, he would have bled out and died. (Did anyone else have flashbacks to the bomb episode in season 2 of Grey鈥檚?)

Though Andy was (understandably) daunted by the life-saving task, Meredith stood by her side during the surgery, reminding her, 鈥淵ou run into fires. You can do this.鈥 And indeed, Andy helped to save the young boy while also earning herself a firm place in viewers鈥 hearts.

But she wasn鈥檛 the only Station 19 star to show up. While Andy and Meredith were busy saving Zack, the boy鈥檚 brother was left in Ben Warren鈥檚 hands. After Ben delivered the kid to medical workers, he tried to help out around the hospital, his old stomping grounds. But when his assistance wasn鈥檛 needed, he realized that giving up his role as a doctor to become a firefighter wouldn鈥檛 be easy.

Dr. Bailey pointed out to Ben that while he may have thought a lot about what this new transition might be like, he never really took the time to 鈥渇eel鈥 what it was going to be like. And now that he鈥檚 experienced the loss of what he once was and what he once had at Grey Sloan, he鈥檚 starting to realize just how hard it will be.

We鈥檒l be able to see more of the heart-racing drama when Station 19 premieres on March 22 at 9pm ET on ABC鈥檚 TGIT lineup.

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(photo via ABC/Mitch Haaseth)