A lot of thought goes into choosing a baby name for your little one 鈥 after all, you鈥檙e choosing the moniker by which they鈥檒l be known for (likely) their whole lives. Popular baby names change every year, as we have seen before, but the gender-neutral baby name trend is really no trend at all. According to BabyCenter, thanks to shifting cultural views, millennial parents have steered away from gender norms and the shed traditional constraints, and the unisex baby name trend is on track to be the biggest of 2015. Blake and Ryan named their daughter James, Ashton and Mila gave their first daughter the name Wyatt and now there鈥檚 another superstar couple joining the fad.


NBA 2015 MVP Stephen Curry and wife (and maker!) Ayesha Curry welcomed their second baby over the weekend, a daughter they named Ryan Carson Curry. The couple chose the unisex name after showing off a modern gender-neutral nursery for the newborn. Traditionally a boy鈥檚 name (the meaning is actually 鈥little king鈥), Ryan is often spelled differently 鈥 Ryann 鈥 for girls. This isn鈥檛 the first time Curry and his wife have dipped into the gender non-conforming naming trend; their two-year-old daughter (the real MVP of the NBA post-game press conferences in our hearts ;) is named Riley.


Curry鈥檚 wife shared the news on her blog that baby Curry was born last Friday night and is perfectly healthy. In case you were wondering how their eldest is handling her new role as big sis, Ayesha Curry also wrote, 鈥淩iley is completely enamored with her little sister and has taken on her role as big sister beautifully.鈥 Aww鈥 cue our hearts melting.

A very big, championship-sized congrats to the Curry family!

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(h/t US Magazine, photos via Eugene Gologursky/Getty + Pottery Barn Kids + @ayeshacurry)