Maybe you haven’t heard, but the second season of that modest little Netflix hit Stranger Things just dropped, much to the delight of, well, literally everyone. Whether you’re a die-hard fan who threw an epic themed viewing party or you just binge-raced all nine episodes as soon as they were released, we’re sure you have a favorite Stranger Things character. But we’re here to turn that upside down (sorry, had to) and pair you with your one true ST zodiac match.


stranger things s2 mike

Mike: Every group needs a leader, and there’s no one better qualified than you and Mike, Aries. You’re both passionate, impulsive people who will bravely charge headfirst into the unknown, never questioning whether you’re even prepared to win the battle. It’s this courage and determination that admittedly means you win in the end. That being said, the two of you could stand to curb your impatience and recklessness too.


stranger things s2 will

Will: We know how much you love being at home, Taurus, but we’re pretty sure no one has ever wanted to go home as badly as Will did in season one. Even in season two, as his world yet again gets flipped upside down (literally), Will turns to his friends and family for comfort and support. You both hate sudden changes and complications of any kind and prefer to be hanging out with loved ones or indulging in your artistic hobbies at home.


stranger things s2 nancy

Nancy: You approach new experiences and tricky problems with an inquisitive, open mind Gemini, searching out answers and information with impressive speed. Not only is Nancy known for her love of learning in school, but she’s also the ST character who industriously uses her resources time and again in an attempt to destroy the Demogorgon (remember that booby-trap set-up she came up with at Will’s house?). We’re positive you would have used your own keen innovation to do the same.


stranger things s2 jonathan

Jonathan: While sensitivity and compassion don’t carry much social capital in high school, we’re proud of Jonathan — and you, Cancer — of your willingness to be vulnerable. You’re both super loyal to those you care about, and your shared emotional openness means you attract fulfilling relationships with real people. On the flip side, you have the tendency to get moody and insecure if you’re not feeling that level of caring reciprocated — just remember, everyone has their own love language.


Joyce: There’s no one more fiercely loyal and protective than you, Leo — unless you’re Joyce, of course. And in the face of overwhelming odds (like, other-worldly, alien odds), Joyce remains optimistic that she’ll bring her son back. That kind of determination, hope, and action is something you know well, and that headstrong attitude you share means you’ll both always be okay.

stranger things s2 joyce


stranger things barb

Barbara: Virgo, you’re loyal, deferential, and shy — which means those closest to you sometimes take advantage of your kindness without even realizing it. Such is the case too for poor Barb on the night of Steve’s party — and Nancy won’t let herself forget it. You’re both practical, good-hearted people who are always looking out for the best interests of those around you. You just have to be careful not to push your friends away with your caring coming off as criticism.


Dustin: When your party is battling aliens and time-space continuums, things are bound to get a little heated. And when Dustin’s friends start bickering, he’s the one to remain level-headed and fair. That’s you in a nutshell, Libra. You’re both forever striving for balance and harmony in your relationships and just want everyone to have a good time. Which also means you’re often the most cheerful and affectionate of your friends, offering a (toothy) smile to whoever may need their day brightened.

stranger things s2 dustin


stranger things s2 steve

Steve: You love hard, Scorpio, but your jealousy brings out quite a stinging bite. Steve knows this feeling well — his lashing out at Nancy comes from a place of insecurity and distrust for no other reason than he can’t control his feelings of love. There’s also an air of mystery surrounding you both — you’re not people to give up too much of yourselves to others. With that said, once someone proves themselves to you, you’re loyal ’til the end.


stranger things s2 max

Max: Funny, bright, independent — you and Max were made for each other, Sag. You’re constantly balancing your craving for freedom and wanting to be a part of the group. Thankfully, your open, extroverted nature means you can easily switch between the two as the mood strikes. Have you considered learning to ride a skateboard? We’re pretty sure you’d be thrilled with the feelings of freedom it would bring!


stranger things s2 lucas

Lucas: When your friend discovers a weird-looking lizard in a trashcan, you’re the first to suggest turning the creature over to the proper authorities. Same goes for Lucas, obvi. The two of you love rules, structure, and stability — there’s no need to harbor a fugitive in the basement when there are adults around to take care of something so dangerous for you! You’re the responsible one in your friend group and have no problem remaining the voice of reason.


stranger things s2 hopper

Hopper: No one has ever accused you of playing by the rules, Aquarius, and we’re pretty sure Hawkins’ police chief can say the same. You’re both natural born leaders, always seeking justice and truth for those in need. Hopper’s intuition, practicality, and compassion helped bring Will home, and you’ve probably done the same for people in your own life — just, you know, sticking to this dimension.


stranger things season 2 eleven

Eleven: You’ve always felt a connection to something more beyond our perception of reality, Pisces, and it’s safe to say Eleven would wholeheartedly agree. You’re both known for your extrasensory capabilities and can tap into an energy and understanding beyond what most of us on Earth see or feel. Unfortunately, this empathetic gift can be draining, and you require both space and time to recharge after carrying around others’ emotional concerns.

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(Photos via Netflix)