Back in January, Barbie made some major and much-needed changes to their iconic doll. Mattel finally introduced three new body types, allowing girls to choose from not just the classically slim doll but also a curvy, tall and petite Barbie. Continuing with this new inclusive mindset, they’ve decided to team up with another body positive retailer: Target. The two have come together to show off some of Target’s newest swimsuits on Barbie’s newest body types.

barbie target

The adorable campaign is part of Target’s #NOFOMO (no fear of missing out) initiative. The brand’s aim is to help women silence those pesky body insecurities from getting in the way of having fun in swimsuits. Unfortunately, these mini versions of Target’s swimsuit styles aren’t actually available for sale. But if you want to jump on this new Barbie swimwear line, head over to Target’s website to shop them in human sizes.

Target Barbie

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(Photo via @targetstyle)