Here we go again! After Taylor Swift returned to social media this week with a cryptic new clip, fans were quick to flood Twitter with their (probably mostly on-point) theories about what it meant. A second clip fueled more speculation. Now, a third post has popped up, and while it doesn’t solve the mystery of what Swift is up to, it does clear up one thing.

The first mini-vid showed what appeared to be the flicking end of a reptilian creature’s tail. Many assumed that the creature in question was a snake, but some thought the spiky scales were more dragon-like than snakelike. The second post showed the beast’s coiled body (more snake than dragon). And now, we have the head. But prepare yourself, because this is no cute and cuddly animal friend.

The clip begins with a shot of the creature curled up in the darkness. But a moment later, a head with glowing red eyes snaps out. And just as many fans suspected, it’s a snake. But not the kind you might keep as a pet. This thing has some serious fangs.

The message is clear: Don’t mess with *this* snake!

As fans (and Instagram trolls) know, Swift has an unpleasant history with the snake emoji. But it looks like she’s ready to shake off her haters and claim the fearless serpent as her own fierce new symbol.

Swifties are certainly thrilled to have their snake theory confirmed and are all about Swift turning the tables on her trolls.

But some would like to leave actual snakes out of it.

Others are willing to switch over to the slithery side if it means Swift’s return to the public eye.

Fans are still hoping that this points to a possible new album, but we’ll just have to wait to see what the β€œBad Blood” singer has in store for us next. Will the snake bite? Will it shed its skin? Will it transform into some kind of beautiful (less scary) creature?

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(Photo via Jason Merritt/Getty)