Taylor Swift has had us on the edge of our seats since last Friday, when she wiped her website and social media accounts clean. Our curiosity was further piqued when the singer returned with daily clips of a spiky, fang-bearing snake. Today, she finally gave us exactly what we were hoping for — the promise of new music — and fans are (adorably, hilariously) FREAKING OUT!

Since Swift revealed that her sixth album will be titled Reputation, with the first single dropping tomorrow night (!!), Swifties have been poring over every little detail, from the name itself to the accompanying art and beyond.


The general consensus is that Swift is using the snake emojis people used against her as inspo for her new music.

Some people think she might be embracing her darker side.

And others are making predictions about the track list.

A few people think some of the more minor details about the album might have major significance.

And some just can’t help but wonder what Swift’s famous foes and industry rivals are thinking.

Personally, we agree with the opinion that any ongoing feuds are totally unnecessary…

Either way, fans can’t wait to get this party on the road…

Same, TBH. We’re *so* ready for Taylor Swift’s new single to drop tomorrow night and for her full Reputation album on November 10.

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(Photo via Kevork Djansezian/Getty)