On the heels of Taylor Swift’s court victory, which saw the lawsuit brought against her by former DJ David Mueller dropped, as well as a win in her countersuit against him for allegations of sexual assault, the 27-year-old’s social media accounts and website have been mysteriously wiped clean.

Both her Facebook and Twitter pages are now without profile pics and headers (though there are still some tweets from 2009), while her Instagram account has been completely emptied of posts — every last pic has disappeared. As for her website, it’s just one big ol’ blank space (pun intended!).

While there’s no official word on what caused the social blackout, several theories seem to be swirling around on Twitter, with two main frontrunners.

The first camp of theorists seems to be of the opinion that Swift has been hacked. Frankly, it’s been happening a lot in the industry lately, from celebs who have had nude photos stolen to the current HBO hacking sitch, so we wouldn’t be shocked if that turned out to be the case.

There’s another camp of people, however, who believe that this may be part of a larger, more calculated move by Swift to drum up excitement for — wait for it — a BRAND NEW ALBUM!

There’s certainly been plenty of speculation about possible new music from the country-pop artist and its would-be release date — Swift’s bestie Ed Sheeran seemed to confirm that we’d have some new singles to jam to before the year was through.

Prior to her last release in 2014, she had been on a pretty regular bi-annual release schedule with her music, but 2016 came and went with no new material. This year saw her collaboration with Zayn Malik, “I Don’t Wanna Live Forever,” come to fruition, and she re-released her full back catalog on streaming services earlier this year, but other than that, Swift has been pretty quiet on the music front.

This latest development has some Swifties pretty sure an album is indeed on the way, particularly since today just so happens to be the third anniversary of her 1989 announcement (and we all know how the girl loves her number play). Fans are dubbing this new era #TS6.

Fingers crossed camp two is correct!

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(Photo via Neilson Barnard/Getty)