Love it or hate it, you’ve probably seen the buzz surrounding Taylor Swift’s edgy new track, “Look What You Made Me Do” by now. In addition to a brand new, club-lite sound, the pop star gave us a whole new aesthetic than we’re used to seeing from her with her promo shots.

Gone were the preppy cardigans and sweet school-girl pinafores she was once known for, replaced instead by a tattered, goth-lite sweater, dark lips, and trendy slicked back hair.

Bustle managed to ferret the exact piece down for those who want to cop the singer’s style, but be warned: It’s not exactly cheap! The sweater in question is Pinko’s titanium gray Stone-Washed Cotton Sweatshirt ($405), and it rings in at just over $400. Gulp!

Luckily, you can get the look for far cheaper with several other budget-friendly alternatives (we see you, Forever 21!), that will put you right on trend with what is sure to be one of fall’s hottest looks. Check ‘em out below!

1. H&M Trashed Sweatshirt ($15): The general public will be none the wiser that you paid a fraction of the cost of Swift’s steam-punk look for this lookalike H&M imposter.

2. Daytrip Destructed Sweatshirt ($39): With a similar color and design, all this French terry-lined Daytrip style is missing is the hefty price tag.

3.Forever 21 Distressed Sharkbite Hoodie ($23): For those willing to change up the hue, this sharkbite hoodie offers the same comfy cool vibe in both camel and aubergine.

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(Photo via Larry Busacca/Getty)