We’ve barely flipped the calendar from September to October, but we’re pretty sure you’re already obsessing over coming up with the most creative Halloween costume and stocking up on the best candy for your local trick-or-treaters. And while we’re perfectly aware that the 31st is more or less the focus of this whole month, we’re here to remind you to do some browsing outside of the costume shop. You’ll find great prices on plenty of items in October, especially around Columbus Day (which we’ll celebrate on the 9th this year). Take off your witch hat for at least a few hours to nab these deals.


1. Brussels Sprouts, Sweet Potatoes, Pears + Apples: October is the heart of fall produce season, which means it’s also the best time to stock up on these key items. Brussels sprouts, sweet potatoes, pears, and apples will be well-priced — but still a great quality — this month, so gather up your coziest recipes (may we suggest a Bacon, Apple, and Brussel Sprouts Hash, Baked Cinnamon Sugar Sweet Potato Tots, or Pear Ginger Muffins?) and prepare the first autumnal feast of the year.

2. Sweaters: Fall fashion hits stores in the summertime, so while you’re only now starting to add layers to your ensemble — why rush the cold weather? — retailers are already trying to make space for winter gear. Now’s the time to spot great prices on the knits and cardigans you’ll probably live in for the next few months. An excellent loophole in the system, no?

3. Jeans: There tends to be a lot of denim left in stores after the rush of back-to-school shopping and fall spending sprees, so if you’re in the market for a new pair of jeans, October is your moment to hit the mall. A classic pair never goes out of style, so you probably don’t even need to worry about whether or not your purchase will still be “in season” next year.

4. Smoke Alarms: October is Fire Safety Month, so manufacturers may be running specials to encourage homeowners to buckle down on their fire prevention measures. Be sure to double check your existing alarm to see if it’s ready to be replaced. You don’t want to mess around with that one!

5. Baking Ingredients + Mixes: Retailers know that baking enthusiasts everywhere are cozying up at home and preparing for fall and winter seasons chock full of delicious treats, so keep your eyes peeled for great deals on cake mix, flour, sugar, and the like at your local supermarket or big box store.

6. Home Appliances: Manufacturers roll out the latest models of major home appliances (think stoves, dishwashers, and refrigerators) this month, so stores will be more eager than ever to clear their floors and make room for new inventory. Appliances are seriously big ticket items, so be sure to take advantage of these sales while you can. Columbus Day weekend is prime clearance time.

7. Gas Grills: As we mentioned, new models of major home items are typically released at this time of year — and with a grill, you have the added advantage of being at the end of prime cookout season. It’s the perfect storm of deal-worthy conditions!

8. Desktop Computers: Laptops are definitely all the rage these days, but if you use a desktop at home, look out for sales this month, particularly around Columbus Day weekend.

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(Design via Marisa Kumtong)