It’s certainly been a newsworthy week across the country, from the streets of SF rejoicing over the strike down of DOMA to the longest day of the year and the farewell to the first half of 2013. In between these milestones, we trust you still have room for a little whimsy in your Friday. Welcome to the BritList.

1. Classic Children’s Books Starring Parks and Rec Characters: This genius series of drawings makes us wish these books actually existed! I would totally read Leslie’s Web.

2. Camoflash: Sick of the paparazzi always on your trail? Or just feel like messing with friends who overdo it on the photo-taking front? This gadget will flash a blinding beam of light, protecting you from unplanned photography.

3. Kuhn Rikon Corn Twister: Let’s face it. Using a knife to cut kernels off a cob is a total drag. For real though, file this under weirdest kitchen gadgets.

4. Baby Mugging: Maybe we’re late to the game but we just found out about this meme last week, and we are wholeheartedly on board.

5. Classical Greek Sculptures in GIF Form: This GIF artist turns classical works into modern ones. Very cool.

6. The Speak-er: Um, this might be one of the best pun gadgets we’ve seen. If only it wasn’t $5,000…

7. Best Wedding Photo Ever: We’ve got one wedding on the horizon at Brit HQ and you better believe we’re gonna try (and likely fail) to top this genius photo bomb.

8. Beer Shorts: Shorts with built-in cozies? Your summer just got turned up to 11.

9. Delicatessen with love: This collection of photographs by Gabriele Galimberti portrays grandmas from around the world and the food they create.

10. Golf Cart Hovercraft: Hammacher Schlemmer never fails to impress us with their The Unexpected category.

11. Likebook: This site turns your Facebook photos, likes, and statuses into an actual book. Like or dislike? (And P.S. We’re not trying to hate but will there ever be a dislike button?)

12. Miniature Crocheted Animals: We’ll close ‘er out with something creepy, cute, and crocheted. Happy Friday!

What was your best Internet find this week? Does it compare with The Best Picture on the Internet? Share links with us in the comments below.