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1. The Stop-Motion History of Typography: Thinking you need to learn a little more about letters? Lucky for you, Canadian designer and animator Ben Barrett-Forrest has created a gorgeous animation made with beautifully cut paper cutters. We heart pixel type!

2. Hey Girl, Let RyGos Take Over Your Internet: Bored of looking at all your friends’ weddings, new babies, and lunch choices? The Hey Girl Chrome extension lets you turn every photo on any site you’re browsing to a photo of Ryan Gosling. Done and done.

3. Movie Posters from Seinfeld: The crew at Seinfeld was all about hitting up the movies on a pretty frequent basis. Of course, they couldn’t ever hit up movies that actually exist. We love this series of movie posters based on the fake movies featured in Seinfeld.

4. Carpet Art: This series of art pieces is all about creating carpet-inspired designs using odd materials. In this case, the cocktail picks definitely caught our eye.

5. Push Pin Earrings: Creepy or awesome? We’re on the fence, but we think Tracey Flick would definitely approve.

6. Michelle Obama’s Hip Hop Album: No, FLOTUS is not freestyling on the mic… yet. This fun compilation album is all about dancing and moving, and features the likes of Ashanti, Doug E. Fresh, Jordin Sparks, and Matisyahu.

7. Wine Glass Ring: Created as a promotion by the folks at Remy Martin, the “Seduction Series” (yes, the rings are really called that) has been designed to emphasize aromas found in a wide selection of alcohols.

8. Ferris Bueller House Back on the Market: Still considering a move to Chi-town? The Ferris Bueller house is back on the market – car not included. Anyone? Anyone?

9. Bra-Dispensing Vending Machine: Forget pushy sales ladies and their measuring tape. If you know your bra size, all you need is this handy bra vending machine!

10. If Disney Princesses Had Instagram…: This has to be one of the best fake Instagram ideas we’ve ever seen. Snow White’s #nomakeup #nofilter selfie is for real.

11. Taco Bell Waffle Taco: Remember when we thought we’d seen all the semi-grotesque fast food inventions you could ever think of? Wrong! The 89-cent waffle taco is a waffle sandwich filled with sausage, eggs, and maple syrup, of course. Wow.

12. Total Eclipse of the Heart in the Voice of 19 Divas: And finally, a little music for your weekend! This insanely talented singer takes us through a whole gamut of divas covering Total Eclipse of the Heart. Our fave? Britney and Christina might be tied, but Adele runs a close third.

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