Reading this in the car, train or plane on your way to a long weekend adventure? Same here! This weekend represents the unofficial end of summer and is one that’s sure to be filled with pool parties, BBQs and about a million weddings. So let’s kick things off with late night runs to Taco Bell, underwater yarn bombs and more. Happy Friday!

1. Late Night Taco Bell Run: Entitled “My drunk wife trying to order Taco Bell after the reception,” this snapshot is one I think we all, married or not, can relate to. The late night taco (or pizza) run is essential after a big night of celebrating.

2. Put a Ring On It ($15 for set of 4): Speaking of weddings, this Feyoncé card is everything.

3. Wooden Light Bulb: Shaped like a traditional light bulb, this rustic piece of lighting is made from 100-year-old pine. Employing a technique called Rokuro, the wood is turned on a lathe to make the bulb hollow. So cool.

4. Sponsor Our Wedding: That’s right. This couple decided to take a truly non-traditional route when funding their wedding, and opted to have it sponsored. We like the resourcefulness behind it but… something definitely feels a little off about logos being involved in your wedding day. That being said, there is definitely a RIGHT way to do this — and we are officially intrigued.

5. Book Box: This clever box turns your books into wall art, while also making them easy to access when you want to sit down with your favorite tome.

6. Obsessive Chef Cutting Board ($26): We’ve obsessed (hehe) over this cutting board for years, and now it’s in the B+C Shop. Aaaand, everything in the shop is 30% off this weekend so you should probably hit it.

7. The Bosco: Now this is a next level GIF photo booth. Forget slow motion, forget time-lapse — this lets you place animated overlays over your photos! Check out the video here.

8. Underwater Yarn Bombs: Famous yarn-bomber Olek has taken to the ocean! The idea behind these pieces is intended to bring awareness to the declining shark population in the area near Cancun and promote the preservation of marine life.

9. Nima Bracelet ($28): Color blocked textiles and textures come together beautifully in this rope wrap bracelet.

10. Time Slice Photo Series: How does your perspective on a place change based on the time of day you see it? New York-based photog Richard Silver created this series of photos by capturing 36 photographs of each building at intervals over several hours. He then slices them together, allowing you to see how the mood of a place shifts as the sun begins to set.

11. Literary Emojis: Pop quiz! Can you identity these classic first lines of novels in emoji form?

12. Ice Bucket Challenge Proposal: And finally, this guy took his ice bucket challenge to the next level by combining it with a proposal! So crazy!

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