The Olympics come quickly, take over our lives for two weeks and then disappear in the blink of an eye. If you woke up today feeling a void where the Olympics used to be, we’ve got one last treat to hold you over until the games hit Tokyo in 2020. Although all the medals for athleticism have long been awarded, there’s one category where the winners have not yet been decided: online.

In the spirit of the games (and with some help from Twitter), we’ve ranked the best tweets from Olympians, based on how often they were retweeted. And the gold medal for best Olympic tweet goes to…

10. When the gymnastics team SLAYED.

9. When the fastest man on earth congratulated Brazil’s dabbing, er, soccer skills.

8. When tennis superstars admitted the post-medal exhaustion was REAL.

7. When Simone Biles learned the true spirit of the Olympic games.

6. When Usain Bolt was an all-around great sport.

5. When Argentinian tennis player Juan Martin del Potro took home silver.

4. When Simone Biles got her head in the game with Wildcat Troy Bolton Zac Efron.

3. When Usain Bolt made sure everybody knew what a BAMF he is.

2. When the Japanese men’s gymnastics team took home gold.

1. When Simone Biles was the. most. relatable. person. ever. (Besides, you know, that whole gold medal Olympian thing.)

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(Featured photo via Clive Brunskill/Getty)