With today’s constant connection to technology and social media, enjoying activities in the company of yourself has become somewhat of a foreign pastime. However, there are a host of fun, innovative and memorable things you can do solo that may even be better sans the company of others. Rebecca Ratner, a professor of marketing at the Robert H. Smith School of Business, and co-writer Rebecca Hamilton recently conducted a study titled Inhibited from Bowling Alone, which finds that people are actually quite happy and fulfilled when they simply get out and enjoy life alone instead of waiting for others to join them. In fact, lurking around social media rather than just going out and doing things yourself might actually be making you feel lonesome and depressed. If you’re a little hesitant about alone time, ease into it by trying at least one lone-wolf activity from this list per month. Because really, if you can’t enjoy your own company, it’s highly likely that others won’t either. Your solo mission to fun starts in 3… 2… 1!

1. Enjoy Some Retail Therapy: We’re sure you would agree — shopping is best when it’s done alone. There is no one rushing you or second-guessing your choices or simply lacking the interest and enthusiasm you require when you aim to spend an entire day swiping your card into oblivion.

2. Go to the Movies: True movie buffs can appreciate the act of attending a movie alone when no one else you know wants to see it. Whether it be an obscure indie, a provocative art house flick or a ridiculously sappy love story, sometimes it’s best to let out your feelings and give total concentration to the movie of your choice all alone.

3. Indulge in a Spa Day: Pampering yourself is arguably the most fun and appropriate thing to do alone. Getting a massage, mani/pedi or facial or having your hair done are perfect ways to relax and treat yourself like the queen you are. By the end of it all, you’ll be so relaxed and happy you won’t even realize no one else is around.

4. Embark on a Road Trip: If taking a long drive is one of the things that clears your head and releases some stress, take it a step further by hitting the highway for a road trip by yourself. It’s a great way to not only see the sights, but to also stop and make new friends along the way. Traveling solo is great, because you can stop (or not) whenever you like, sing to the top of your lungs with no judgement and keep the radio on your favorite station the entire time.

5. Let Out Your Inner Chef: Use all of what you’ve learned watching the Food Network and collecting recipes on Pinterest and get in the kitchen and have some culinary fun by yourself. Cooking alone means you can save the leftovers for the rest of the week and laugh at yourself when a recipe doesn’t turn out quite right.

6. Soak Up the Arts: Enjoying something artistic is always enriching to do solo. Visiting an art museum, seeing a play and listening to a free concert in the park are all ways to enjoy being by yourself while also appreciating the creativity in others.

7. Have a Lovely Walk in the Park: Speaking of the park, taking a lovely stroll through the park is probably the best fun you can have outside when you’re alone. You could walk for exercise or simply just to admire nature, the weather or maybe that hot guy/girl walking their dog next to you.

8. Do Something Drastic: Life is bound to change. Some fear that change, while others embrace it. One of the best ways to get outside of your comfort zone is to do something drastic all by yourself. Paint your walls a bold new color, chop all your hair off, dye it a shocking color or get a tattoo/piercing.

9. Catch Up on Your Reading: Curling up with a good book sadly seems to be a dying pastime, but when you’re alone it’s the perfect time to indulge your inner bookworm. Whether you decide to read a classic you’ve always loved or something new, it’s one of the most calming and enlightening things to do.

Do you have a list of things you love to do by yourself? Let us know all about them in the comments below!