Sometimes your career goal might be to get through the workday 鈥 and that鈥檚 okay. Because between trying to figure out if your boss hates you and planning out the best way to ask for a raise, your聽office can occasionally be more stressful than you bargained for. That鈥檚聽exactly why Jen Kluczkowski co-founded Mindfresh, a company that brings mindfulness and meditation聽practice into the workplace.

Her company鈥檚 instructors help you and your coworkers boost your brains and bodies, release tension and reset your mind 鈥 no afternoon coffee necessary. We chatted with Jen to learn more about how we can add a little bit more mindfulness into our workday and if we really need to change into yoga pants in front of our coworkers to reap the rewards.

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B+C: What were you doing before founding聽Mindfresh?聽

JK: Prior to founding聽Mindfresh聽I聽helped build Pandora Radio鈥檚 NYC office,聽leading聽advertising sales on the east coast.聽Simultaneously,聽I was becoming聽more fascinated with yoga, meditation聽and聽mindfulness as a way to combat severe back pain, insomnia聽and聽burnout. That fascination led to a total immersion into these practices, with 800 plus hours of formal training聽and聽numerous trips to India to study with masters.

B+C: How did聽Mindfresh聽become a reality?聽

JK: It鈥檚 a mission born out of personal experience聽and聽need. I knew I wasn鈥檛 alone聽when it came to feeling the negative physical, emotional聽and聽mental effects of sitting in a stressful environment聽all day.聽That personal connection is continued inspiration.聽We鈥檝e also been committed to developing a service that the majority of people in an office will actually do, that doesn鈥檛 include sweating on yoga mats or sitting still in silence for 30 minutes.聽We focus as a group, analyze feedback聽and聽create experiences for maximum impact.

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B+C: How does it work and what exactly does it mean to have聽Mindfresh聽in your office? 聽

JK: Having聽Mindfresh聽in the office means that the company聽and聽its leadership care about their team鈥檚 wellbeing. They acknowledge the stress of聽our always-connected, deadline-centric days聽and聽provide an opportunity for the staff to take a constructive break to聽refresh聽and聽reset body聽and聽mind. Highly trained聽Mindfresh聽teachers come on-site to lead 30-minute聽sessions聽featuring 鈥渕indful movement鈥 (to improve body language聽and聽posture), breathing techniques (to聽calm down the nervous system)聽and聽guided meditation (to enhance focus聽and聽attention span).

Since聽many of us聽sit at desks for up聽to 10聽hours a day,聽the聽Mindfresh聽philosophy is centered around聽stirring up physical energy with mindful movement聽for聽a more effective meditation experience.聽Mindfresh聽also has a digital content library filled with 5-10 minute videos for on-demand聽Mindfresh聽at your desk.

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B+C: Do we need to change into yoga pants in front of coworkers?聽聽

JK: No. We鈥檝e learned that changing into yoga or gym clothes in an office environment makes 97 percent of people uncomfortable. Mindfresh聽is interested in making a true impact聽and聽having as many people as possible participate in our experiences. You wear whatever you came to work in that day to our sessions.

B+C: Have any of your clients noticed an increase in productivity after taking part in the program? 聽

JK: Yes! Over 85 percent of people who attend our session notice marked improvement in qualities that make them more effective in their work, like focus, perspective, creativity, patience, body awareness, emotional IQ聽and聽communication.

B+C: Why is taking time for meditation and mindfulness during the work day good for your health?聽聽

JK: In a world where we鈥檙e always on聽and聽extending ourselves outward, we need time to go inward for reflection, inspiration, reconnection聽and聽to recharge our internal batteries. With mindfulness 鈥 bringing as much attention as you can into聽your surrounding in any given moment 鈥 you experience life a little more deeply聽and聽richly. It slows everything聽down, in a good way.

B+C: Where is聽Mindfresh聽available and how much do we have to convince our bosses to spend? 聽

JK: We have on-site sessions available in NYC and San Francisco. Depending on the level of membership, the cost is between $300 鈥 $2,000 monthly. We鈥檙e gearing up to launch a digital content library that will make the聽Mindfresh聽practice accessible nationwide.

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How to Destress at Work

B+C: What are some quick de-stressers we can do at our desk to calm down when our day is going south?聽

JK: Have an aromatherapy oil handy. Scent can have an immediate impact on our emotional state.聽Our signature scent,聽Mindfresh聽Hustle, is designed to be uplifting and grounding with notes of bergamot,聽cedar wood, lime and聽copaiba.聽For聽a quick midday reset: Close your eyes, sit up tall, pull the shoulders back, tilt the chin up slightly聽and聽then take five deep breaths. The combo of the open posture, the steady breath and bringing the focus inward聽for a moment is really powerful.

B+C: Can you give readers some advice on how to inject a bit of mindfulness into their work day?聽

JK: Try to notice when you have a tendency to go into autopilot 鈥 whether it鈥檚 writing an email, presenting data or giving a review 鈥 and then bring more attention into what you鈥檙e doing. Be a little more thoughtful聽and聽innovative in tasks that can become聽mundane.

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