The last week of November is always a whirlwind. Between Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, and Cyber Monday, it鈥檚 a go-go-go pre-Christmas explosion. But once the deal-scouring weekend draws to a close, there鈥檚 a more聽socially conscious way to spend your money, and that鈥檚 with Giving Tuesday.

With thousands of charities across the country, where should you donate this year? Obviously, if there鈥檚 something near and dear to your heart, go for that. But if you don鈥檛 know where to begin, here are some of the best charities you can donate to in order to make a huge impact right now.

disaster relief

1.聽Puerto Ricans in Action:聽Roughly one in five Puerto Ricans is currently without access to clean water following Hurricane Maria in September.This LA-based charity聽is focused on getting clean water and supplies to the people of the island.

2.聽Habitat for Humanity:聽There are still over聽22,000 children without homes in Houston聽nearly three months after Hurricane Harvey devastated the area. Habitat for Humanity is working聽on repair efforts to聽restore people鈥檚 homes to livable condition.

3.Heart of Flordia United Way:聽This central Florida charity helps fund medical care and other essentials. Flordia suffered pretty intensely this hurricane season, and supporting people鈥檚 health and well-being can make all the difference.

Women鈥檚 issues

4.聽Planned Parenthood:聽Planned Parenthood is the go-to resource for women who need聽accessible health care. Offering cancer screenings, women鈥檚 wellness appointments, and other women鈥檚 health services, this organization鈥檚 mandate to protect women鈥檚 health at every stage should be supported. And, with cuts to funding, PP needs help to keep up their important work.

5.聽Girls Not Brides:聽This international agency聽works to prevent young girls from getting married. Child marriage is a little-talked-about issue affecting millions of children聽at home聽and around the globe.

6.聽Heifer International:聽This charity aims to address hunger and poverty around the world, in part by empowering聽women to start economic endeavors in their home country. This year鈥檚 Giving Tuesday, the organization will double every gift.

7.聽NARAL Pro-Choice:聽NARAL has made headlines this year by leading protests against the government鈥檚 attempts at criminalizing abortion by showing up at legal hearings聽dressed as handmaids fromThe Handmaid鈥檚 Tale.聽The organization works to protect abortion access, support women鈥檚 reproductive rights, and ensure fair and equal maternity leave for all women.


8.聽National Immigration Law Center:聽This org is fighting to support immigrants who may face deportation or other legal issues while here in the US. They have been working tirelessly since DACA was repealed聽to provide legal support聽for many of the hundreds of thousands of people who will bear the brunt of draconian immigration reform.

9.聽Border Angels:Border Angels aims to connect families separated by the US-Mexico border, including having San Diego鈥檚聽Door of Hope open so that family members may see and touch each other across the border. Last week, the charity was able to get the door open聽for 15 minutes聽so that an American man and Mexican woman could marry.

10.聽The Young Center for Immigrant Children鈥檚 Rights:聽This charity works to support unaccompanied minors who end up in the US due to violence, trafficking, and more. The organization was founded and named after 14-year old Young Zheng, who was trafficked and then expected to work off a $60,000 debt to his captors in the US.

domestic violence

11.Incite:This charity works with women of color, trans women, queer women, and other marginalized women to help them escape domestic violence through grassroots organizing efforts, direct action, and charitable support.

12.聽The National Domestic Violence Hotline:聽This confidential, free 24-7 support line is a resource for women across the country who experience domestic violence.

13.聽RAINN:聽RAINN is the country鈥檚 largest anti-sexual violence聽organization. Besides supporting victims of assault and abuse, the org works to change laws and policies to better protect victims and educates the public on the social causes of, and solutions to, sexual assault.

Social justice

14.The Anti-Defamation League:聽Since the ADL鈥檚 founding in 1913, the organization has supported the civil rights movement as well as countless women鈥檚 civil rights issues.

15.聽Black Lives Matter:聽Born out of protest against George Zimmerman鈥檚 2013 not-guilty verdict in聽the 2012 shooting death of Black youth, Trayvon Martin, the organization is women-run, queer-supporting, and聽works聽to improve race relations in the US and Canada.

16.聽NAACP:聽The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP)鈥檚 mandate is to ensure the political, educational, social, and economic equality of rights of all persons and to eliminate race-based discrimination.

The environment

17.聽Environmental Working Group:聽Known for their 鈥Dirty Dozen鈥澛爁ood lists each year, the EWG is considered one of the most impactful environmental charities in the US today. They work to empower people聽to make smart food choices that help create a cleaner environment and healthier Americans.

18.聽The Union of Concerned Scientists:聽This organization聽aims to use science to help the environment, teach better health and wellness, and even work with solar, wind, and nuclear scientists to create the safest, most effective energy available.

19.聽Natural Resource Defense Council:聽Founded in the 1970s, the NRDC offers legal aid for groups seeking action for clean air, water, and a healthy environment. They work with millions of members around the world and partner with both the public and private sectors to create change.

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