Love to jet set on a whim? Know you’d like to get away, but not sure where to go (even though you def have your eye on Brit’s fave travel destinations)? Lucky for you, there’s a tech for that. From apps that’ll give you access to maps without wifi to sites dedicated to uncovering cheap international flights, spontaneous and affordable travel has become much less of a hassle in the last few years. It’s about to get even easier too, thanks to Concorde, a new flight deal site for impulsive travelers. If you’re anything like us, you already have heart eyes just thinking about all of the places, cultures and cuisines you can’t wait to experience.

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According to CN Traveler, launched in February as an airfare aggregator that pulls in the best deals from around the interwebs. All you need to do to make Concorde’s magic work for you is click on “Deals.” Click into any offer listed to see its status (available or expired), the average price (hello, savings!), the airline, the range of dates it’s good for and when it was posted. Since Concorde functions like any other aggregator, you’ll still book your flight as you normally do, which gives you the option to use your frequent flier number and favorite travel credit card.

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Though not required to browse the “Deals” section, signing up for an account with Concorde will allow you to unlock the “Discover” portion of the site, giving you access to a set of tools to search for specific dates, airports and other cool options, like flight cost-per-mile. Ready to pack your bags yet?

Good to know: Concorde doesn’t charge for its slick technology, which means that neither searching nor booking a flight using the cool new site racks up extra charges. Though most deals on the site have been posted from major metros like Baltimore, Boston, New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Washington DC, Concorde’s founder, John Marbach, says the team looks to expand to other key cities based on demand. Spontaneous and flexible travel to our heart’s content? Yes, please!

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