As any good foodie knows, part of enjoying a meal these days is making others drool over the sweet and savory delights you鈥檙e about to indulge in. Whether it鈥檚 a color-changing unicorn frapp or mermaid toast, if it ain鈥檛 pretty (or even Goth!), we don鈥檛 want it.

Disney, in particular, has seen some major success with its grammable offerings as of late: There鈥檚 the Groot-shaped bread that鈥檚 inciting an all-out frenzy, for instance, and, most recently, the boldly colored Night Blossom drink.

Now, the House of Mouse is back at it again with a brand new offering that鈥檚 blowing up our feeds (and simultaneously making us drool). Say hello to light-up cotton candy.

Part sweet confection treat and part night-light thanks to its illuminated wand, which sets the dessert aglow from within, the snack addition ($7) is apparently part of Disneyland鈥檚 World of Color show (though we spotted it at the Magic Kingdom and at Hong Kong Disney via tagging too).

While similar offerings are available elsewhere (Rock City鈥檚 Enchanted Garden of Lights also offers the treat, as does California鈥檚 Descano Gardens, for instance) colorful illumination + Disney = next level, so prepare to see a social media takeover.

We can鈥檛 wait to give it a go!

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(h/t Cosmopolitan; Photo via Mark Ashman + @florida_disney_living_fun/Getty)