Pokemon Go is taking over the world right now, sparking endless headlines and even leading to potential romantic hook-ups (for real, guys). If you dream of one day wearing your very own Pokemon engagement ring, but are still seeking a Snorlax-searching S.O., then we have the just the thing for you. PokéDates is a new matchmaking site that will help you catch ‘em all while snagging the love of your life.


Jumping on the latest craze, the folks over at Project Fixup, “a fun and convenient way to meet someone new (whether or not you play Pokemon GO!),” want to help you find the perfect PokéPartner with the adorably named PokéDates.

To get into the action, all you need to do is…

1. Answer a few questions. Let the folks behind the scenes in on a little info about yourself and “what you seek in a PokéMate.” Once you’re done, one of their “Specialists” will take a peek at your PokéProfile to get your started on the road to PokéRomance.

2. Share your schedule. Let the Poké peeps know when you’re free and they’ll track down someone else using the service that you can “explore and battle” with.

Pokemon Go

3. Confirm your PokéDate. Once someone has been chosen for you, you’ll receive an email with details about your PokéMatch, as well as the time and place to meet.

4. Catch ’em all, together. “Just show up at the right place and time and you can catch ‘em all together on your PokéDate!” Obviously, take all the normal first date precautions, like letting your besties know where you are and keeping them updated throughout.

5. Everlasting PokéLove? Hopefully you’ll find your Pokemon-lovin’ other half… or at least, a new friend.

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(h/t Jezebel; photos via PokéDates, Pokémon)