When you and your friends hit the bar on a Saturday night, the goal is usually to meet new people, right? Otherwise, you and your besties could have just chilled at home in your PJs with a bottle of wine. However, today that’s definitely easier said than done. How often do you *actually* hit the town and end up chatting with anyone other than your own group? If you answered almost never, Tinder is here to change that for you. Introducing: Tinder Social.

tinder social

The new addition to the app wants to make it easier for your group of friends to meet another fun group. Essentially, you can create a group on Tinder that includes your social circle and then in classic Tinder fashion, you swipe to find another group you think you’ll mesh with. Start up a quick chat with them to see what their plans are for the evening and voila! You now already know another group at your Saturday night destination.

If you’re not seeing this on your app RN, don’t panic. Tinder isn’t trying to keep you from meeting cool new friends. Currently, they’re testing this out select users in Australia but they say a global rollout is coming soon. Could this be the less awkward version of Grouper? Only time will tell.

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(Photo via Tinder)