Tom Brady may have just nabbed his fifth Super Bowl win (yep, there was actually a game playing in between Lady Gaga’s halftime show and the Stranger Things season two trailer), but apparently this year was extra special. Not only did his wife, Gisele Bündchen, absolutely lose her mind when the Patriots won, but it turns out that the Brady family turned out in force to support Tom, including his mother who has been undergoing chemo.

“All the girls in my life, my wife, my mom, my sisters, my daughter, my nieces, they’re all here, so it’s just so special,” the football star told Westwood One Sports. And what made it even more special was the fact that his mother, Galynn Brady, who Tom calls his “everything,” was there to see him play after being unable to attend any of her son’s games this season because she has been undergoing chemotherapy and radiation.

“I spoke to [Brady] in the locker room before the game,” Pats owner Robert Kraft told NESN, “I said, ‘We gotta win this one for your mom,’ because I know how important his mom is. She’s been going through chemotherapy and radiation, and this is the first game she’s been to. She came here, and I just saw her, and it was really cool.”

Definitely cool. And win they did!

Tom Brady Super Bowl win

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(h/t Bravo; photo via Al Bello/Getty)