Two things in life are guaranteed to make even the most jaded cynic smile: babies and vacations. Put them together and what have you got? A ridiculously fun list of the most popular baby names hailing from the world’s most amazing destinations, that’s what. According to BabyCentre and Nameberry, there’s no shortage of linguistic fun to be had when coming up with a unique baby name for a soon-to-be well-traveled bundle of joy. Don’t you dare leave that passport behind: We’ve got globetrotting babies on board!

Top Baby Names Around the World


Australia: In the land down under, Ava, Amelia and Charlotte are currently the most popular girls’ names, while Oliver, Noah and Jack are tops among the boys.

Brazil: In beautiful Brazil, Sophia, Alice and Julia are the top names among baby girls. As for the boys, there are an awful lot of them named Miguel, David and Arthur running around these days.

Finland: As one of the nations known for its perfect perch to view the Northern Lights, it’s no surprise that the baby names coming out of Finland are dreamy and ethereal, like Leevi, Liisi and Eero for the boys and Jussi, Mikko and Hannu for the girls.

France: The country that brings us the City of Light is also bringing us plenty of bebes named Lucas, Leo, Gabriel, Emma, Lea and Jade.


Germany: When it comes to popular German baby names, Emma, Mia and Hanna take the cake in the mädchen department, while Jonah, Ben and Luis does the same among baby boys.

India: Double-a’s are aces in India, where the most popular boys’ names are Aarav, Mohammed and Vihaan; likewise, the top girls’ names are Aadhya, Ananya and Saanvi.

Italy: We dare you not to pronounce these adorable baby names with as much gusto as you can conjure: Luciano, Vitale, Benedetto, Paolina, Amica and Alessia. That’s what lots of sweet little bambinos are being named there these days.

Japan: With one exception, names beginning with consonants are on trend among newborns in Japan, with Hiroto, Ren and Yuuma clocking in as the most popular boys’ names and Yuina, Hima and Aoi most popular among baby girls.

Malaysia: The convergence of Malay, Chinese, Indian and European influences in Malaysia make for some beautiful names; lately, Nor, Zara and Aishah are the most common girls’ names. As for the boys, it’s Mohamed, Adam and Amar.

South Africa: In South Africa, baby girl names that invoke nature reign supreme, like Puleng, which means put in rain, and Naledi, which means “star.” The top boys names feature strong vowels, like Mamello, Tumelo and Uuka.

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