15 Travel Journals You Need for Your Next Adventure
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15 Travel Journals You Need for Your Next Adventure

Even though we all travel with laptops or tablets, there is something therapeutic about pouring out your hopes, dreams, frustrations and irritations onto a page of paper. Even if you don’t think of yourself as a writer or an artist, keeping a travel journal is an amazing way to connect with your journey in a way that photographs alone can’t always capture. Make lists of all the flavors of gelato you try, glue train ticket stubs onto the pages and draw funny caricatures while you’re waiting in airports. Whether you want classic leather or a tiny pocket notebook, these 15 stylish and tough journals would be perfect for any adventure.

1. Adventure Awaits ($10): Talk about some serious motivation. These journals are practically begging to go on an adventure.

2. Up in Here Notebook ($12): A good travel journal has to have some stamina to stand up to long flights, rain, heat and the occasional coffee spill. With a super secure binding, this flexible notebook promises to hold its stuff together for the entire trip.

3. Catch Me If You Can ($110): This one’s a little on the pricey side, but the gilt-edged pages will add an air of luxury to your written tales.

4. Handbound Leather Journal ($28): With 240 pages, this handmade leather journal will last you for any extended travels you have (or don’t have) planned.

5. Photo Journal ($12): Channel your dream of being a photo journalist and fill this little journal with photos and sketches of anything that catches your eye. Remember that a scrapbook doesn’t have to be a big project; you can make a mini one with a few favorite photos and your best adventure stories written underneath.

6. Watercolor Happy Journal ($13): Elegant and sophisticated with gilded pages and a satin ribbon marker so you never lose your place, this journal is happy about everything… except maybe that layover.

7. Field Notes ($10): These cuties are the perfect size for sticking in your back pocket and are just what you need with you as you wander the streets.

8. Passport Pocket Notebook ($12): Even if you’re only taking a carry-on, you can tuck this pretty little notebook into your bag.

9. Camping Notebook ($20): This is not just a journal to write down all your best s’mores combos. With handy packing checklists, fire-starting and knot-tying tips and maps of both land and stars, this journal is the ultimate camping companion.

10. TOMS Travel Journal ($30): Follow in the footsteps of TOMS’ founder and keep a travel journal like he did in Argentina back in 2006 when he was first inspired to give shoes to children in need. Like the shoes, with every journal you purchase, TOMS will give a pair of new kicks to a child in need.

11. Oh Snap Journal ($24): Available in red, yellow, mint and gray, this leather journal even has a pencil holder so you’re not constantly digging around in your bag for that pen that always disappears.

12. For the Curious ($13): Not sure how to keep a travel journal? This colorfully illustrated journal offers prompts you to record every fabulous discovery and offers a place to write down itineraries, important addresses and a reference section full of helpful bits you might need while navigating the great unknown.

13. Moleskin Voyageur ($25): You can never go wrong with a sturdy Moleskin notebook. This portable-sized one is designed to keep all your maps and itineraries neatly organized, and to give you lots of space to write notes. There is also a map to fill out and a sheet of stickers. Who doesn’t love stickers?

14. Journey Journal ($18): Embroider your way across the map with this hands-on journal. You can place the round fasteners on your destinations and then make a string map of your travel plans.

15. Small Adventures ($17): Who says you have to go to another country to keep a travel journal? Head out for a backyard adventure and let the kids help fill out the prompts asking you to identify clouds, take texture rubbings, tie knots and identify mushrooms. It’s definitely a must-have for any camping trip this summer.

Have you kept a diary while traveling? Tell us how it may or may not have enhanced your travel experience in the comments below!