Whether you’re planning to spend St. Patrick’s day at home whipping up some last-minute DIYs and a delicious dinner (featuring Lucky Charms ice cream sandwiches for dessert, natch), or you plan to hit the pub for a Guinness Dark and Stormy (um, or three!), you’re gonna want to leave some room in your sched for your favorite fast food joint.

Tons of restaurants, bars, and cafés roll out St. Paddy’s-specific food and drink on and around the 17th; it’s worth checking out your favorite local spots to see what’s on offer in your ‘hood, and, of course, you can always count on your fave fast food chains to deliver something green — and delicious.

McDonald’s is usually always top of mind, since their classic Shamrock Shake is a St. Paddy’s staple. But did you know they also have a whole shamrock drink menu?! They’ve incorporated way more chocolatey goodness into the minty shakes this year, including the Chocolate Shamrock Shake (seen above), a Shamrock Chocolate Chip Frappe (just hook it up to our veins!) and even Shamrock Hot Chocolate and Mochas. Yes. Please. (And when you’re done indulging for another year, wean yourself off the minty goodness with these healthier smoothie alternatives.)

Burger King brought back its Oreo Mint Shake again and it is the stuff of DREAMS. Minty, chocolatey, ice-creamy dreams. (Photo via Burger King)

Krispy Kreme isn’t messing with perfection — they’re just turning their original glazed donuts green for one day only. Grab a dozen. Or two. No judgment here.

If you’d prefer something a little more festive (see: SPRINKLES!), Dunkin’ Donuts has you covered. Their plain donut gets a layer of chocolate frosting and shamrock sprinkles, and yes, we’ll eat at least two of these. (Photo via Dunkin Donuts)

Baskin Robbins is scooping out their classic Mint Chocolate Chip in cone, cup, and milkshake form for St. Paddy’s this year, or if you’re craving something a li’l bigger, take home a pot of gold on their rainbow-fied St. Patrick’s Day cake.

Starbucks’ first-ever spring line of cup designs aren’t *specifically* for St. Paddy’s, but with their March 16 release date, it’s the perfect excuse to grab an adorably pastel green cup of joe. (Photo via Joshua Trujillo/Starbucks)

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(Featured photo via Dunkin’ Donuts, photo by Michael Nagle/Getty)