Summer weddings are fabulous for a million reasons — but there’s one thing that makes ’em especially wonderful: the flowers! Arrangements that highlight the best of the sunny season’s blooms, like morning glory and hibiscus, will bring all the vacation vibes to your big day (even if you’re nowhere near an ocean). From full table spreads to bridal bouquets and more, the floral inspo below. It’ll leave you declaring, “I NEED a tropical wedding!”

1. Beautiful Boutonnieres: When you go tropical with your theme, the color mixing doesn’t ever have to stop. Pick an array of bright blossoms, then don each of the groomsmen with a different ensemble.

2. All the Way Down the Aisle: Make a dramatic entrance by bringing a little slice of paradise to your aisle. Resting the arrangements on tall posts will ensure they get the camera attention they deserve.

3. Charming Chair Accents: Consider wrapping a floral bundle around aisle-way chairs. For the full, elongated effect, flip some of the blossoms upside down, then top it off with delicate chiffon.

4. Statement-Worthy Palms: The palm-printed everything trend is haute, so having the leafy green IRL will keep your big-day florals on fleek. To get the look, pair a large palm leaf with smaller stems and tiny buds.

5. Bold and Colorful Centerpieces: Wowza. A vibrant rainforest arrangement like this will transport your guests straight to Hawaii. Pop the florals into a clean white vases to create a super chic contrast.

6. Pretty Plate Toppers: For a Zen, spa-like feel, set a single leaf and tropical flower atop your place settings. Once it’s time to eat, your guests can stick the petals behind their ears for an on-theme accessory!

7. A Pop of Pineapple: Show off your style know-how by incorporating two trendy elements: pineapples and geometric shapes. The fruity centerpiece is 100 percent tropical (and 100 percent Insta-worthy).

8. Beach Accents: Tying the knot on a beach? Don’t shy away from giving the sand a giant flower crown. Sure, the ocean provides breathtaking views, but floral accents like this will boost the ambiance even more.

9. Bridal Accessories: Incorporate a head-turning lei in your tropical theme. The vibrant hues will make a stunning contrast against your white dress.

10. A Striking Bouquet: Here’s a unique bouquet that’s *exactly* what a summer wedding needs. This baby contains all of the tropical goodness, which makes for stunning warm weather vibes.

11. One Giant Bouquet: These separate bouquets come together to form one drool-worthy arrangement. Yeah, the celebration is about you and your boo, but with this floral setup, you might want to stand with your ladies all day.

12. A Blooming Centerpiece: When it comes to tropical plants, more is DEFINITELY better. Scoop up all your faves with stellar texture, then place ’em smack dab in the middle of your table.

13. Edible Cake Decor: What’s better than frosting rosettes on a cake? Edible blooms, that’s what!

14. Arch Action: Because, yes, you do want to tie the knot under a mini jungalow. Add a large and in charge arrangement to your wedding arch and bask in the whimsical feels.

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