Having long locks allows you to style your hair in a multitude of ways. You can curl your hair, wear it half-up or create the cutest messy top knot you’ve ever seen. But there are times you just can’t even with your down-to-there hair, and that’s where this new trend — the hair tuck — comes into play. Lazy girl-approved like whoa, the hair tuck will soon become your go-to trick whenever you wake up and even five-minute hair is too time-consuming. Getting the look is easy: Armed with a turtleneck, sweater or scarf, you simply leave your ends tucked into your top to spill out faux bob-style like you just don’t care. So effortlessly chic, right? These 10 Instababes have the hair hack nailed down — scroll through to see how to not style your hair for the new year below.

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1. @kristina_bazan: This look has minimalistic babe written all over it. Kristina lightly curled her hair and let those loose pieces peek over the turtleneck. So pretty! (Photo via @kristina_bazan)

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2. @thatsotee: Having a scarf as long as your body is truly cozy, but tucking your hair into the topper makes it a snuggly dream come true. That’s especially true when paired with a chunky knit and too-cute lace-up kicks. (Photo via @thatsotee)

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3. @treasuresandtravels: If the brutal cold is getting your down, just wrap your scarf around your lush locks and let the rest of your hair peek through at the ends for a casual, messy look. (Photo via @treasuresandtravels)

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4. @miamitomanhattan: If you’re trying to break away from that frumpy turtleneck stereotype like Gracie, just tuck your mane into it and add a hint of pink to your lips to elevate your #instamood. (Photo via @miamitomanhattan)

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5. @_jackelizabeth: When you want to keep your look au natural, bump up your brows and let loose pieces be the main focus of this hair-tucked look. (Photo via @_jackelizabeth)

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6. @brooklynblonde1: While the scarf is *the* it accessory for this look, we say take it up a notch by adding a fedora. Helena even took it a bit further with a hint of pink polish to her nails and paired a smokey eye with a fresh face. (Photo via @brooklynblonde1)

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7. @frassyaudrey: Audrey is really letting her hair pop out of the collar by tucking it into her sweater and pulling it out slightly. This is a great way to make a faux bob for those times that you want a lot of polish with a little effort. (Photo via @frassyaudrey)

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8. @aclassicwoman: It’s hard not to love this classic hair tuck. The natural curls are perfectly stowed away into a white collared shirt, yet wild enough to look carefree. (Photo via @aclassicwoman)

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9. @9to5chic: If your hair is straight like Anh’s, then this look is great to mimic by completely tucking it into your sweater. Keep everything minimal for a sophisticated daytime feel. (Photo via @9to5chic)

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10. @mikutas: Jacqueline is not afraid to be completely adorable when it comes to her pink tucked-in hair. She matches her hair with a pink lip shade, which really lets her blue eyes fully pop — a totally chill way to play up your best features. (Photo via @mikutas)

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