Thanksgiving is almost here, and we’ve got turkey on the brain. Though we crave those mashed potatoes and green beans, nothing beats the bird, and we’re not just talking about the main course of your feast. We’ve found 11 clever (okay, also kinda hilarious) turkey-shaped dishes to serve alongside the bird that are turkey-free — at least in ingredients. These go way beyond your aunt’s turkey veggie/fruit platter, people. With the following recipes, your Thanksgiving table will be full of turkeys to gobble up from breakfast to dessert.

1. Cinnamon Roll + Bacon Turkeys: Start your Thanksgiving festivities bright and early by enjoying a turkey-shaped breakfast. (via Pillsbury)

2. Turkey Pancakes: Speaking of breakfast, let’s have some turkey-shaped pancakes, too. Use a pear, apples and Nutella to design the plumage. (via Betty Crocker)

3. Turkey Cheeseball: We didn’t know that cheeseballs could be cute, but this one certainly is. (via Handmade in the Heartland)

4. Turkey Cheese Tray: You’re probably going to set out a cheese tray anyway, so why not shape the slices into a cute turkey design? (via A Beautiful Mess)

5. Butterball Turkey: No, this isn’t a traditional butterball turkey. Rather, it’s a turkey-shaped ball of chai spiced butter. It almost looks too good to spread on your Thanksgiving rolls. Almost. (via Bon Appetit)

6. Turkey Cranberry Jelly: Cranberry jelly or sauce is a must-have Thanksgiving side dish. Give it some extra attention this year by creating turkey-shaped servings. (via Ocean Spray)

7. Heirloom Pie Crust Cutters ($10): Snag these turkey-shaped cutters while they’re on sale and use them to decorate your Thanksgiving pie.

8. Turkey Cookie Platter: Using a few cookie cutters of different shapes and sizes, this platter is super easy to put together. (via The Sweet Adventures of Sugarbelle)

9. Easy Oreo Turkeys: Oreos + pretzels covered in chocolate: Count us in. (via The Krazy Coupon Lady)

10. Chocolate Filled Mini Turkey Tarts: These tarts are not only super easy to make, but also a fun way to get the little ones involved in the Thanksgiving cooking frenzy. (via The Kitchn)

11. Color Me! Thanksgiving Cookies ($39): Order these delicious cookies with white icing for a fun Thanksgiving day activity. Once they arrive, decorate them with the five edible markers included in the kit.

Bonus!Assorted Nugget Platter With Drumstick Accents: OMG. This is probably the most epic Thanksgiving dish ever. This, uh, turkey is made entirely from fast food nuggets, complete with drumstick accents. (via Buzzfeed)

What do you think of these turkey-shaped dishes? Which ones would you make for your Thanksgiving feast? Talk to us in the comments!