We’ve been known to spend some quality time with our Twitter feeds — from mastering shortcuts to LOLing at our favorite hilarious handles. And while Twitter is an awesome platform for expressing season finale reactions in emoji clusters (Mad Men, anyone?), we’ve also been following along with some seriously cool chats. From decor-inspired talks to some major #girlboss convos, these chats will help inspire you and put you in contact with some awesome like-minded individuals. Who knew you could learn so much in 140 characters or less?

1. Support Small Business: Do you own or would like to own your own small business someday? Check #smbiz every Tuesday at 8pm ET for advice from experts and your fellow SB owners. You’ll be networking with other shop owners and rocking Small Business Saturdays in no time.

2. Blogging 101: If you’re needing a little help with your blog, log on every Sunday at 9pm ET and follow along with #blogchat, where you can learn about everything from troubleshooting to finding inspiration. Whether you’re a newbie struggling with SEO or a seasoned blogger looking to network, you’re bound to take something from this chat.

3. For the Pinterest-Obsessed: If Pinterest is your BFF, navigate away from your Pinterest page on Wednesdays at 9pm ET (just for a little bit, we promise!) and learn more about your favorite platform with #pinchat. The chat discusses best practices, showcases new uses and highlights brand usage. Join in on the chat so you and your followers can make the most of your expertly curated boards.

4. Beauty Bloggers, Rejoice: Are you a #bblogger with a Twitter handle? Check #beautychat every Friday at 2pm EST to connect with cosmetic companies like MAC and Illamasqua.

5. For the #Girlboss: Interested in making some serious strides at work? Follow along with #ambitionista on the first Monday of the month for tips on how to find your passion, rock your confidence and make $$$ doing what you love.

6. Get Involved: It’s not just a book — Sheryl Sandberg’s bestseller has helped galvanize a movement. #LeanIn offers ongoing support and inspiration to help women speak openly about their challenges and achieve their professional goals.​

7. Girl Power: Grab your girlfriends and hit up #HERchat every Friday at 5pm EST. This chat discusses female empowerment, women’s issues and the psychology of the female mind.

8. All Things Design: Your design obsession isn’t just for your Pinterest and Tumblr pages. Check #DesignDrinkUp every Thursday at 2pm EST to gather, drink and enjoy good design.

9. Crazy for Coffee: Mondays are tough, but coffee always makes our least favorite day of the week a little more bearable. And we don’t think it’s a coincidence that #CoffeeChat takes place every Monday at 8pm CST. Follow this hashtag to learn a little more about your liquid savior — from brewing techniques to how to make your next favorite drink.

10. The Ultimate #Throwback: Did this year’s Super Bowl Halftime Show (Missy Elliot, FTW) make you miss the ’90s? Were you reaching for your Jem and the Holograms gear when you saw the upcoming preview for the movie? #NostalgiaChat may be the perfect stroll down memory lane for you. Every Sunday at 10pm CST, people of all ages share what makes them nostalgic, from Ataris to Zubaz.

What are your favorite Twitter chats to follow? Share in the comments!