Did you ever think your tweets would be transformed into high-end fashion? That your #blessed would lead to a gorgeous blue dress? Neither did we, until Verizon launched its #socialimprint campaign, which used the social media buzz surrounding this year’s Fashion Rocks Live concert to create textiles color-coded by real-time social conversations. That fabric was ultimately handed over to skilled hands of Project Runway winner Christian Siriano and draped into jaw-dropping dresses worthy of their own hashtags.

So how’d your best Internet one-liners get turned into ready-to-wear? It went down like this: using tools to analyze and “listen” to social conversations, the #socialimprint campaign aggregated tweets about fashion and music throughout the night. Every thirty seconds, the Verizon team chose the top eight tweeted topics along with the trending fashion discussions to determine and color and shape of the textile’s overall look. Each music genre corresponded to a different shade of twitter blue, while each fashion category corresponded to a different design, like stripes, dots or triangles.

The two were blended together row after row, and any time someone used the #socialimprint tag, a special tile was added to the design. Later, the interactive (and very colorful) timeline of the evening, which heavily featured tweets about Nicki Minaj (who performed “Anaconda” that night), celebrity makeup (um… we need to DIY Miranda Lambert‘s cat eye!) and hip hop (of course), was transformed into one giant textile. That’s when collaborating designer Christian Siriano got to work.

The final result was part delightfully gorgeous gown, part sci-fi fantasy — and 100% amazing. Is this the future of fashion as we know it? Will designers start relying on social media for not just inspiration, but for fabric too? No matter what the fashion set ends up doing, at least we can rest easy knowing that our tweets are beautiful.

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