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24 Ways to Doll Up Your Toast

Toast, glorious toast: It’s our favorite breakfast staple — and we also want it at lunch, dinner, as an appetizer. Even though it’s plain amazing with butter and jam, there’s nothing better than upgraded toast. Give it a fancy makeover by transforming it into a bruschetta, a crostini or a tartine. Get started with one of these 25 fancy toast makeovers.


20 More Mouthwatering Mother’s Day Brunch Recipes

Can we tell you a secret? You ready? Brunch is so much better at home. Yes, we love going out for eggs and an unlimited mimosa bar as much as the next girl, but when it comes to Mothers Day, the best restaurant in town is in your house. You can customize the menu of your dreams and hang out with your family, while never getting out of your pajamas. No line, no reservations and all of your favorite treats (yup, unlimited mimosas can happen at your house too). Get into the Mothers Day spirit and give one of our top 20 Mothers Day brunch recipes a spin.


Flaky and Fabulous: 20 Ways to Start Cooking With Phyllo

Phyllo turns food into a party on a plate. Not only can it rock both savory and sweet styles with ease, but it makes simple ingredients look all dressed up. We love it for everything from dinner party goodies to sinful sweets to pretty everyday fare. Add it to your recipe repertoire by trying out one of our 20 favorite phenomenal phyllo recipes.


14 Delicious DIY Dessert Bread Recipes

In a banana bread rut? Trying to have a baking love affair with your loaf pan? Want to make a baking comeback that’s sweet and easy? Look no further than dessert breads: The perfect marriage of cake and bread. We’ve pulled together the top 14 loveliest dessert breads for all you gorgeous carb-lovers!


25 Retro Party Ideas All Mad Men Watchers Should Try

Spring is here, and you know what that means? Mad Men is back. We’re counting down the days until April 13th when season seven premieres, and we want to celebrate in style with a little theme party. It’s the beginning of the end so you better get in another ’60s cocktail party. Lucky (strike?) for you, we have all of the essentials covered. Mad Men themed goodies? Check. Modern twists on retro treats? Check. Classic cocktails? Super check. Get ready to throw a Mad Men bash of your own with these 25 Sterling Cooper & Partners-approved party must-haves.


19 Stunning Ceremony Backdrops

Alright brides: You have the dress, the date is set, you even have the theme, but what’s the happy couple going to get married in front of? Your wedding ceremony backdrop can set the tone for the day and can be a great place to establish the theme or color scheme for the wedding. It’s also a nice way to make your ceremony photos even more snazzy. Get inspired! Check out these 20 stunning wedding ceremony backdrops to start getting ideas for your own ceremony styling.


20 Must-Haves for Your Game of Thrones Premiere Party

Winter is coming finally over, and Game of Thrones is finally back! The premiere is April 6th, and we can’t wait. It’s time to celebrate, and no one knows how to celebrate like the characters on Game of Thrones. Kick off Season Four with a feast that would make all seven kingdoms of Westeros proud. We have everything you need — feast-worthy foods, themed decorations and out-of-this-world drinks. Get ready for the premiere with our 20 must-haves for your Game of Thrones party.