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The 15 Best Burger Recipes From Around the World

Introducing, Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego: The Burger Edition.


20 Sweet Coconut Recipes to Try

Stop what you’re doing, and bow down to the high priestess of the food trend world: Ye Holy Coconut. We like it mixed into our donuts, slipped into our cocoa and adorned righteously atop our colorful springtime salads. We like the stuff so much that we’ve actually been known to keep a case (or two) of coconut oil on quick reserve. You know, in case of emergencies. Here are 20 of our favorite coconut-filled recipes for the very sweetest of sweet teeth because you’re hungry and we get it.

Dessert Recipes

Calling All Spoons: 20 Palate-Pleasing Panna Cotta Recipes

Panna cotta is the somewhat fancier, Italian-born BFF of your beloved pudding cup, and four out of five sweet teeth agree that it is, like, oh my god, the best thing ever. Creamy and rich, and with a wee wobble that no fun-loving dessert eater can resist, this treat is tops. So since we can’t beat ‘em, let’s join ‘em — with these 20 spoon-elevating recipes you can make at home. Pudding who?


Hot and Heavy: 20 Gluttonous Pound Cakes

Around these parts, we believe in cakes — birthday cakes, layer cakes, ice cream cakes, and, yes, even cupcakes (obviously). We are especially beholden, though, to the pound cake, who always tells it like it sees it (see: “pound”) and never ever puts on airs. Just stir the batter in a big bowl, pour it into a simple loaf pan, and — voilá — CAKE, at your service. Here are 20 of our favorite recipes.

Dessert Recipes

18 Tasty Sausage Recipes You Can Make at Home

Sausage is a mighty food weapon. Full of fat and flavor, we stud many a home-cooked dish with it. It’s our secret weapon for Thanksgiving stuffing, a bevy of breakfast eggs, warm wintery soups and pasta bakes. But buying sausage in the pre-packaged section at the grocery store is for amateurs, and that’s just not you, kid. Get out your meat grinder and your hog casings, and get ready to get more than a little dirty. Just remember: Where there are guts, there is glory. Let’s sausage!


The 20 Most Over-the-Top Brownie Recipes

Chocolate — it’s a beautiful, magical, valuable thing. And if your relationship with the stuff is as complicated as ours is (see: chocolate toothpaste, cocoagraphs, chocolate iPhones), then you’ll need at least 20 great brownie recipes to keep on quick reserve. Feeling… feelings? There’s a brownie for that, and we’re here to help.

Dessert Recipes

From Savory to Sweet: 15 Delicious Pop-Tart Recipes

Getting out of bed in the morning is tough business. But you know what might have you springing up out from under your duvet? A reward. Like, maybe a homemade pop-tart. Rise and shine, people of the world. Here are 15 of our favorite outside-the-Pop-Tart-box recipes.


It’s Peanut Butter and Jelly Time: 20 PB+J-Inspired Treats

Bread and butter, milk and cookies, coffee and donuts — some things just go together. Take for example the peanut butter and jelly sandwich, the glorious brown-bagged bastion of your childhood lunchtime experience. Here we’ve collected 20 of our favorite PB&J-inspired sweet treats — because peanut butter jelly time should be all the time.

Dessert Recipes

Goodnight, Moon: 19 DIY Baby Mobiles

It’s no secret that we have the scoop on all the sweetest nursery mobiles ‘round these parts of the Internet (in fact, we love them so much we’ve even rounded up a handful for adults), but, to help you make your baby’s dreamcatcher as personalized as possible, we’ve collected 20 of our favorite DIY versions. So get out your hot glue gun and vellum paper, and let’s get crafting.


Stairway to Heaven: 20 Stunning Mile-High Layer Cakes

We love cake, and we know you love it too — especially tall towers of it, piled high with layers and layers of rich frosting. A good layer cake is confectionary stratigraphy — an archaeology of sugar and flour and butter and love. Here we’ve gone to some trouble to round up the best of the best. Because life is sweet and also beautiful.

Dessert Recipes

Le Breakfast in Bed: 20 Takes on French Toast

Ahhhh, breakfast. The most important thing in life after family. We’ve already let you in on all our cinnamon bun secrets and totaled up our most treasured of syrup traps (aka waffles). So what else could we possibly have up our sleeves? Well, French toast, of course. Hope you’re le hungry.


A Whole New World: 21 New-to-You Beer Cocktails

You really, really like beer. We know. But what about beer cocktails? Yes, that’s a thing (cue Aladdin and “A Whole New World”). Here are 21 of our favorite beer-spiked sips — enjoy them with some beer bread or some beer cupcakes. No genie required.