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What’s in a Baby Naming App?

Baby naming can be an overwhelming, but rewarding process. Whether it’s an all-consuming obsession or an easy gut feeling that “this is the one,” parents put a lot of pressure on themselves to choose the perfect name for their unborn child – above and beyond the pressure that over-excited family members, friends, and society already places on them. But while naming is an important rite-of-passage that all new parents go through, it no longer needs to be so overwhelming or as stressful. There are now hundreds of sites and apps that help parents choose a baby name – some within seconds or just a swipe of the finger. There are sites that will let you poll your friends for their naming ideas and there are sites that tell you more than you would ever possibly needed to know about the origins, definitions, and popularity of various names. Here are 7 helpful apps and sites parents can turn to for inspiration if they’re feeling stuck.