Some people wait a lifetime for a moment like this. Or at least it seems that way. After the avalanche of diverse emoji last month it’s time for us to look ahead at even more options! You know us, never fully satisfied when it comes to texting choices ;) While we’re still waiting on that long promised taco (seriously what’s taking so long?!), we’ll stop checking for keyboard updates momentarily to indulge in the potential 38 new additions to our texting convos.

new emoji 2016

The Unicode Consortium, aka the people behind approving + denying which emoji we see on our screens, recently revealed the latest batch of character candidates. Scheduled for a mid-2016 release — Yahoo Tech believes a June debut is likely — Unicode 9.0 could be packed with 38 fresh options. Some of the standouts to us are bacon, a pregnant woman, an avocado, a croissant, left + right facing fists, a clown face and a cucumber. We’re also excited for the inclusion of a dancing man — finally the lady won’t be alone — and a prince. And while there is supposed to be crossed fingers, there still isn’t going to be a middle finger. Come on, Unicode.

Don’t get too excited about all these emoji just yet though, as they’re all simply candidates ATM. That means they aren’t finalized and could end up being dropped before making it onto our smartphones. But that also means some last minute entries that we didn’t even know we needed could sneak into Unicode 9.0 as well. The possibilities are endless.

While we wait for Unicode 9.0 next year and Unicode 8.0 sometime this year, check out the full list of next year’s candidates and their sketches on the Unicode Blog now.

Which possible new emoji are you most excited for and what do you think is missing still? Let us know in the comments.