Is there any better way to show off your love than with an engagement shoot full of hearts? Far from cheesy, these Valentine鈥檚 Day-inspired shoots are whimsical and romantic and guaranteed to make you feel all lovey-dovey. Complete with confetti, sugary treats and hot red lips, these 21 lovey photos will inspire you to include all things <3 into your engagement session.


1. Flower Wreath: Show off your love loud and proud with a huge flower wreath in the shape of a heart. (via Tealily Photography)


2. Heart-Shaped Balloons: Valentine鈥檚 Day is the perfect opportunity to get goofy with some big red balloons. (via Stone Crandall Photography)


3. Beaches: This couple chose a more subtle version of the Valentine鈥檚 Day shoot with soft photos and red accents. (via Jessica Christie)


4. Chalk Hearts: Pull out the sidewalk chalk and have fun making a path straight to your heart. Chalk is a fun way to add some personal touches and gives your photos a vintage feel. (via Renaissance Studios)


5. Paper Cutouts: Play with creative props like these cutout hearts for some adorable save-the-date photos. (via 1314 Studio)


6. Red Velvet: Be transported to a magical forest full of snow, roses and luxurious red velvet. (via Ciara Richardson)


7. And Everything Nice: Because no Valentine鈥檚 Day would be complete without some sugary goodness. If you鈥檙e a foodie, you鈥檒l definitely want to include treats like these in your photos. (via聽Poppi Photo)


8. Lollipop Love: From cookies to lollipops, heart-shaped treats are the perfect prop for a Valentine鈥檚 Day photo shoot. (via Emily Chidester)


9. Red Hot Lips: You won鈥檛 be the only one wearing red lipstick after you cover your love in smooches. (via Volatile Photography)


10. Bed of Hearts: Spread out lacy heart doilies for a romantic and flirty backdrop. (via Sara & Rocky Photography)


11. Giant Heart: Because bigger is always better when it comes to hearts. (via Laura Leslie)


12. Pug Love: We can鈥檛 get enough of these matching pug scarves. How adorable and loving are those pups 鈥 err, people? (via Jodi Miller Photography)


13. Cupcake Hearts: Pretty pink cupcakes? Yes, we鈥檒l be your Valentine. (via Jodi Miller Photography)


14. Bicycle for Two: Fun and playful, this super sweet photo shoot features a huge bouquet of bright red heart balloons and a vintage bicycle. (via Priscila Valentina)


15. Heart of Gold: We鈥檙e all about the red and pink color palette, but it just wouldn鈥檛 be a perfect Valentine鈥檚 without something golden. (via This Girl Nicole)


16. Pop the Champagne: Nothing says romantic like a glass of sparkly and chocolate-covered strawberries. (via CKJ Visuals)


17. Ho Hey: A little bit vintage, a little bit hipster; you can鈥檛 help but sing along as you check out these dreamy engagement photos inspired by one of our favorite Lumineers songs. (via Live View Studios)


18. Beach Valentines: Fresh and lighthearted, a white sand beach makes a dreamy background for bright red pops of color. (via Photography by Gemma)


19. Bicycle Couple: Capturing an uber-charming stroll around Brooklyn, these photos are chic and modern with red accents and the cutest Pomeranian ever. (via Tara Welch Photography)


20. Little Red Dress: Blurry vignettes and a glowing afternoon sun make this outdoor setting extra special, and the little red dress definitely reigns supreme in this photo shoot. (via Elizabeth Nord Photography)


21. Pink Tulle: Proof that you don鈥檛 need extravagance to have beautiful photos, that pink tulle skirt makes even a simple cafe look glamorous. (via Lace and Locks)

Would you do a romantic Valentine鈥檚 Day engagement shoot? Talk to us in the comments below!