Shopping for vintage pieces is like treasure hunting: The act of looking for that perfect item is a thrill on its own. Vintage fashion gives us an excuse to add exciting treasures to our closet. For those who don鈥檛 have a vintage clothing shop near them, there are tons of vintage shops online. We searched for some of the best Etsy stores to save you time. Go ahead, start thinking of excuses to fulfill your vintage needs.


1. Shop Exile: For the rocker girl inside, Shop Exile specializes in band tees, flannels, denim, leather jackets and dresses from the 鈥50s and up. This 鈥60s mini dress ($65) is a steal.


2. Black Moon Sky: If you love vintage pieces but don鈥檛 know how to style them, this shop is for you. The owner of Black Moon Sky鈥檚 styling will make you want to buy everything, starting with this denim dress ($68).


3. Found by Me Vintage: This vintage shop carries many styles of dresses, like this 1950s floral frock ($92). Summer is filled with perfect excuses to rock a 鈥50s dress: car shows, festivals, concerts鈥 we could go on forever.


4. Little Light Vintage: This shop owner modifies her vintage pieces to make them modern. That means you鈥檒l never see anyone else wearing your outfit at a party. Score! We want this dress ($54) and those shoes asap.


5. Rax Clothing: With summer right around the corner, we can鈥檛 keep our minds off pretty dresses. Rax Clothing offers a selection of boho-chic dresses with bright and colorful prints for those sunny days, like this red vintage dress ($38).


6. Everybody鈥檚 Buying Vintage: The 鈥70s are definitely back, and the look isn鈥檛 going anywhere, except maybe into our closets. Whether it鈥檚 this vintage green floral top ($30) or a belted tapestry coat, EBV has everything you need for your latest Mad Men fashion withdrawal.


7. Kamomeya: For fans of Japanese vintage clothing, this Etsy store is a one-stop shop. Kamomeya has a selection of vintage dresses with beautiful prints from the 鈥60s, 鈥70s and 鈥80s. We totally would rock this 鈥back in time鈥 dress ($95).


8. Standard Edition: For those who prefer a more neutral-colored vintage selection, Standard Edition has tops, bottoms, dresses and accessories in that classic color palette. Welcome the 鈥70s revival with this breezy blouse ($48).


9. Beta Apparel: This Etsy shop offers a variety of urban-styled vintage clothing and accessories. We know you want to wear this summer skirt ($28) to your next patio party.


10. Brown Bag Vintage: Brown Bag Vintage prides themselves on carrying fashionable items in sizes extra small to plus size. This 鈥80s dress ($49) looks like a party already.

Vintage dress color

11. The Braided Bandit: Here鈥檚 your source for one-of-a-kind vintage pieces that range from the 鈥40s to the 鈥90s. We love every girly dress ($28) they carry.


12. Straylight Vintage: For those with an eye for classic vintage, this shop is all you. This 鈥60s party dress just needs a denim jacket to complete it.

What are your favorite online vintage shops? Tell us in the comments below.