The food-in-food craze is exploding, from popcorn ice cream to bacon marshmallows… and we can’t forget the ramen burger, of course. From among these insane mashups emerges another trend of epic proportions: Lasagna that ain’t like anything Nonna ever made.


1. The Nutellasagna: Let’s start out with this sucker that was making its way across Internetland around the holidays and, full disclosure, inspired this entire post. Noodles are layered with cannoli custard, nutella, crushed hazelnuts and chopped chocolate and topped with marshmallows for extra sugar. If you live in Brooklyn, you can order the stuff online from the dish’s creator — Robicelli’s. (via Foodbeast)


2. Taco Lasagna: This epic win combines our two favorite comfort foods — pasta and tacos. Oh, and did we mention it’s insanely easy to make and only has seven ingredients?! (via The Girl Who Ate Everything)


3. The Struggle Is Real Lasagna: Your inner college kid wishes this kind of ramen monster existed when you were pushing through finals. No judgement if you decide to make it even after you graduate. (via Elite Daily)

4. Korean Barbecue Lasagna: Leave it to James Franco and Seth Rogan to be all about this monster mix of Korean meat, noodles and… french fries?! (via Foodbeast)

5. Pancake Lasagna: Eat it for breakfast, lunch, dinner or dessert! This sweet treat is what you need all day long. (via Pop Sugar)


6. Pumpkin Pie Lasagna: Still craving your PSLs? Whip up this sweet treat, but make sure to serve it cold or at room temperature; the pumpkin filling needs some time to set. (via The Cookie Rookie)


7. Nacho Lasagna: We know what we’re taking to the Super Bowl Sunday potluck. (via Buzzfeed)

Are you going to try to make any of these epic lasagnas? Which ones? Tell us in the comments below!