Thanks to Google (err… owned by Alphabet) we never need to leave a question unanswered. Google is basically the digital version of that one girl at your summer camp who had Showtime and knew EVERYTHING! Most of us ask this search engine questions constantly (so much so IKEA made a place mat to stop us) and not all of those questions are things we’re super proud of. Unfortunately this map will totally out you for your state’s embarrassing searches.

Real estate blog Estately combed through 11 years of Google searches and made a map showing the most “embarrassing” search terms each state looks for more than anyone else. The results are hilarious and kind of baffling. Um California, WTF is fantasy bowling???


Some things can be explained (a Louisiana commenter suggested that the “dog clothes” search had to do with Mardi Gras, for example) but mostly it’s just a weird fall down the rabbit hole that is each state’s weirdo curiosity. A quick trip down the East Coast involves “deflated balls,” “Ashley Madison” and questionable virginity. In other news, we kind of need a shower.

If you want a slightly less silly state map (or at least one with less wincing) check out this one that tells you which emoji is most used in your state. And remember you’re not alone… especially when you’re obsessively Googling Nicolas Cage.

Tell us your three most recent Google searches in the comments below!