99 of the Best White Elephant Gifts Ever
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99 of the Best White Elephant Gifts Ever

Brit + Co never plays around when it comes to holiday parties (or any parties for that matter). But around these parts, ain’t no party like a white elephant party, because a white elephant party is prime time for ridiculous gifts. From kitschy necklaces to cowhide wrapping paper, we’ve found the ultimate buys for gift swap domination. That’s right — we’re your one-stop shop for the absurd, the unusual and the totally delightful. Read on and prepare for a serious celebration of the random. (Still not enough for you? Check out this year’s roundup of white elephant gift ideas, carefully hand-selected by Brit + Coworkers who have a flair for the ridiculously awesome.)

Now, let’s get this White Elephant party started.

1. Glitter Christmas Light Up Flashing LED Sunglasses ($10): What lights up and will instantly turn you into the opposite of the grinch?

2. Ylovetoys Horse Head Mask ($10): Horse head masks were a big hit at last year’s Brit + Co holiday party (the two pictured here were actually purchased by me… and I ended up taking them home at the end of our white elephant exchange). They also make for a great couples Halloween costume.

3. James Franco Swimsuit ($23): You don’t want to don Franco’s face on your bod?

4. The Answer is Always Tacos ($24): Truth.

5. The Mountain Fanny Pack Kittens T-Shirt ($19): Kitties AND a fanny pack. All in one shirt!

6. Jamberry Vertical Garden Nail Wraps ($15): Talk to the nail(s).

7. Essential Corkscrew Bottle Opener ($14): What better way to say “screw it” and end a long day than with a tasty glass of vino opened with a witty corkscrew.

8. Chivas Beer Soap Trio ($27): For the beer lovers on your list, give ’em a brand new way to get their hopped up fix.

9. Bags That Look Like Animals (from $38): Because when in doubt, you can always put an animal face on it.

10. Doggie Style Freaker ($10): This freaker is cool, doggonit!

11. Pong Head Game ($18): Wear this, and you’ll definitely score points at any party.

12. Dog Butt Magnets ($15): Magnets, in dog butt form. Why not?

13. UO Exclusive Broad City Soundtrack ($25): Yasssssqueen.

14. Hangin’ with Homies Air Fresheners ($5): Keep things fresh with this funky fresh set of homey air fresheners.

15. Knucks Tattoo Set ($5): Looking to rock a new set of knuckle tatts every week? Go temporary and put your fists up.

16. Campfire Cologne ($13): You know how your clothes smell after a weekend of camping? Now you can smell like that ALL the time.

17. Tiny Hands Scented Jewelry ($23 and up): Earlobes that smell like waffles are finally possible. And you can even sign up for the Necklace of the Month Club so your neck can smell like a different food each month of the year.

18. CarvedCrayons Custom Dog Portrait Crayon Carvings ($65): Yes. Those words all go together. (See also: Glass Tubes for Displaying Carved Crayons)

19. GoGAGA4Art Custom Pet Pillow ($58+): Is your pup or cat so narcissistic it only wants to snuggle with itself? There’s a custom pet pillow for that.

20. Blah, Blah Thermal Mug ($14): The original yadda yadda yadda.

21. SimmonsCustomVinyl Mustache Decals ($8): Excuse me, but I mustache you a question.

22. Archie McPhee Horse Head Squirrel Feeder ($12): More horse heads! What?! If you haven’t seen this ridiculous thing going viral, it’s time to get in the know. It’s a squirrel feeder shaped like a horse head, so it looks like the squirrel is a mini-horse when he’s snacking. Amazing.

23. Brown Cowhide Set of 3 Gift Wrap ($33): MOO-ve over! Your gifts under the tree are going to be unforgettable.

24. PlantandColor Gold Dinosaur Planter ($20): Give gratitude to friends and family with the gift that keeps on giving, a ThankYouSaurus.

25. jumbojibbles Giant Carrot Body Pillow ($100): This carrot body pillow is comin’ in hot, and ready to spoon.

26. Society6 Star Trek Into The Adorable Wall Clock ($30): This cute customizable illustrated clock face is available in three frames colors and two hand colors. Perfect for the trekkie in your life.

27. #RapShirtsForWhitePeople ($29): We bet you can think of a friend to buy this for in less than 60 seconds.

28. GeekKickz 3D Printed Yoda Buddha ($8): The best white elephant gift, you will have.

29. BigMouth Inc Buck German Shepherd Mask ($30): Could the German Shepherd mask be the new creepy horse mask? Only time will tell.

30. Flashing LED Light Up Cocktail Shaker ($15): Cue Kanye’s “Flashing Lights” and let’s get this happy hour started.

31. CNC Design of Finland Original Deal With It Sunglasses ($23): We have no idea why it took this many years for Deal With It Sunglasses to hit the market, but we’re pumped.

32. Vintagraph Milk for Summer Thirst Framed Print ($80): Because nothing quenches thirst like… milk.

33. Firebox Magical Unicorn Onesie ($52): Perfect for a friend who is unicorn-obsessed, this suit actually looks pretty comfy!

34. Trim Beard Oil + Shampoo Combo ($45): Decorative beards and mustaches are definitely here to stay, so give that guy in your life the products he needs to keep things tidy.

35. Geek Supply Co. Classic ’80s Boombox Bag ($40): Just toss a Jambox in the bag and you’ve got a legit portable boombox.

36. DCI Ax Pizza Cutter ($11): Finally, a pizza cutter for the manly man.

37. JulieAnnArt Light That Sh-t Up Card ($5): ‘Nuff said.

38. Sock It To Me Tacosaurus Knee High Socks ($12): Why not?

39. BurntGingerbreadYum Set Of 3 Felt Ornaments ($27): These would look pretty darn *sweet* on a Christmas tree.

40. Urban Outfitters Mini Cinema Light Box ($34): Bring the good vibes home.

41. Wondermade Bourbon Marshmallows ($8): We promise, these taste amazing!

42. DuoStudio Sweet Tooth Metal Keychain ($12): This has “stocking stuffer for your dentist friend” written all over it.

43. Party Up Top Headband Pack ($22): Wearable white elephant gifts are an instant win.

44. HelloSookieClothing Drake Grey Undies ($12): These are real. That is all.

45. Tattly Watch Tattoo Set ($15): Style your wrist with these fun faux watches.

46. Nomad Lounger Inflatable Air Chair ($50): Love HANGING OUT everywhere you go? Have lungs, will travel.

47. techstudios Computer Says No Poster ($25): But we say YES!

48. Tiny Hands Scented Bacon Necklace ($28): It’s time to bring home the bacon.

49. WildHeartsUSA Funny Cat Shirts Tank Top ($16): These tanks are out of control. We would like one right meow.

50. AccioLoveCrafts Ryan Reynolds Waterslide Nail Decals ($3): Need we say more?

51. Izola Surf Paddle Ball Set ($32): Beach games in the middle of winter make perfect sense.

52. Bow & Drape Emergency Cheese Sweatshirt ($78): Remember the #cheesepocalypse? Earlier this year, Velveeta was flying off the racks and causing the first ever Velveeta shortage! Luckily, we’ve got a backup supply so we can make queso all the live long day.

53. Crisp & Co. Spicy Dilly Beans ($11): This is on this list mostly because pickles make a hilarious present. Real talk though? These are DELICIOUS.

54. Light Up Party Jacket Project Pack ($100): Your holiday party outfit just got a whole lot brighter.

55. Sound Activated Bow Tie Project Pack ($25): The perfect thing to pair your light up jacket with? A sound activated bow tie, duhhh.

56. ExtremeLargeness Mixtape Iron On Patch ($4): We love the throwback patches!

57. Sriracha 2 Go Original Keychain ($7): Are you that person always asking for a bottle of Sriracha at the table? We feel you. And so does this new company that’s offering keychain-sized Sriracha bottles just for you! At $7 a pop, these empty keychain bottles (you fill ‘em yourself) seem steep but also terribly handy.

58. dirtsastudio Penmanship Pillow ($40): How old school awesome is this?

59. Emoji Pillows ($20): The poop pillow pretty much kills it.

60. Egg Rugg ($60): When it comes to egg love, we don’t yolk around. PS Your dad called, he wants his pun back ;)

61. Moulin Roty Circus Shadow Puppets ($17): For the impromptu puppet show you’ve always dreamed of.

62. Inflatable Elephant ($221): Umm… spray paint that elephant white and and you really do have the ultimate white elephant gift.

63. Emotional Rainbow Pepperoni Bedding ($80): Thanks to this design shop your pizza bed dreams can now come true.

64. realswanky DMX Rap Embroidery ($37): This juxtaposition always kills us.

65. Classic Old Vintage Game Controller iPhone Case ($25): This is the perfect gift for the gamers in your life.

66. Star Wars Jelly Bean Machine ($36): May the force be jelly bean-flavored.

67. ThinkGeek Chomping Shark Plush Slippers For Grown-Ups ($30): Duunnn dunnn… duuuunnnn duun… duuunnnnnnnn dun dun dun dun dun dun dun dun dun dun dunnnnnnnnnnn dunnnn.

68. ban.do Boss Ring ($58): The perf gift for the #girlboss in your life.

69. Star Wars Chewbacca Insulated Drink Sleeve ($20): People will stop and wookie at you with this authentic Star Wars coozie.

70. Twig Terrariums Boobies! Terrarium ($65): Boobs. Tatas. Bosoms. IN A TERRARIUM.

71. Stone Cask Shot Flask ($20): At the very first Brit + Co holiday party, every employee got one of these filled with their favorite poison. And that may have been why our first article went up at noon the day after the party ;)

72. BlueBella Unwrap Me Body Bow ($30): Spoiler alert: This seems to be out of stock. But if enough people hit that page, perhaps Asos will bring it back?

73. BigMouth Inc Gigantic 12-Foot Beach Ball ($150): What? Yes.

74. Transparent Kitchen Safe ($50): Protect your cookies from… people that apparently steal your cookies so often that you need a safe?

75. Star Wars Darth Vader Selk’bag ($109): The dark side beckons and now there’s a sleeping bag for that.

76. Wild and Wolf Happy Jackson Pencil Case ($11): #pencilswelcome

77. Mahina Women’s Classic Mer’Fins ($100): Whether you’re channeling your inner or Ariel or mer-MANNN (Oh Zoolander, we still heart you), these are just what you need to keep on swimming. Though we imagine they would actually be really hard to swim in?

78. Urban Outfitters Cheeseburger Plush ($46): Cuddle up with this furry-bunned burger!

79. Apple Double Robotics Double 2 Telepresence Robot ($2,500): Always dreamed of being a literal talking head?

80. MyswagshackHOME I Woke Up Like This Pillowcase ($20): Say it loud, say it proud, say it when you’re sleeping.

81. Baking With My Homies Cookie Cutters ($10): After you are done rolling with your (cookie dough) homies, why not bake with them? SO good.

82. IScreenYouScreen Corner Tea Towel ($24): Nobody.

83. Sock It To Me Women’s Llama Drama Socks ($12): Me llama es Llama Drama.

84. ASOS Straw Cat Clutch ($23): This is simultaneously the most insane and most incredible cat clutch we’ve ever seen. And we’ve seen a fair amount of cat clutches in our day.

85. Casetify Girly Whimsical Cats iPhone Case ($40): Flying, multi-colored, patterned cats FTW.

86. Chuao Baconluxious Chocolate Bar ($6): We’ve reached the bacon section of this roundup. First up, bacon + chocolate = endless noms.

87. Sizzling Bacon Novelty Exploding Candy ($1): BACON pop rocks are real, and your mind just exploded. #stockingstuffersforthewin

88. Urban Outfitters Bacon Glitter Ornament ($12): This bacon ornament is your friend.

89. Baconshirt Scented T-Shirts ($15): Because one can’t simply eat bacon; one must smell it all day…

90. Manready Mercantile Citrus Throne Spray ($23): As the dudes at Manready Mercantile describe, the idea behind this product was to “keep restrooms smelling like royalty.” One question: When did restrooms ever smell like royalty? All reasonable questions aside, this citrus-inspired scent would be a welcome change in the loo.

91. BlueQ Marie Antoilette Lavatory Mist ($12): For the ladies, a scent from French royalty.

92. The Heated Beer is Best Dish Towel ($14): You can go ahead and designate this your we-use-this-to-clean-up-beer-spills-during-flip-cup towel.

93. LunarWolfTreats Chocolate Video Game Controller Treats ($9): Remember way back in the day when we made a chocolate iPhone? These are totally our iPhones’ much classier and more official cousins.

94. Cost Plus World Market Flamingo String Lights ($8): Flamingos are festive, no bones about it.

95. PCA Snifty Pizza Scented Pens ($10): What does one keep on a bedside table next to a bed wrapped in pizza bedding? A pizza-scented pen, obvs.

96. Dino Bioluminescent Light ($60): This living art piece is a little dino that you FILL with bioluminescence. For real! It’s ALIVE.

97. McCheecksMayhem Denim Jeans Mug ($28): What’s next? Mom Jeans Cereal Bowls.

98. EatMeJewelry Mac’n’Cheese Stud Earrings ($16): You’re obsessed. We’re obsessed. So just buy them already.

99. Sasswear Pink Star Light Up LED Pasties ($30): And finally, the mother of all White Elephant Gifts. I mean, does it get better (read: weirder) than this? Not safe for your work party ;)

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